5 Reasons Why Mainstream Blockchain Product Is the Next Big Thing

5 Reasons Why Mainstream Blockchain Product Is the Next Big Thing

All the buzz and noise about Bitcoin (BTC) in this last year has made me understand one thing: I must start earning in crypto.

In my early 30’s after a divorce that didn’t leave me much, I don’t even have the smallest amount to invest and enjoy this world of crypto and blockchain. I only have my skills, which I will tell you more about later, and I guess that like me- there are many, many millions out there in the world.

So I went out searching for the perfect blockchain product, platform, or ICO, and I promised myself (and to my new girlfriend that was impressed by my knowledge in crypto) that I’m not coming back without the perfect guide, and at least 1 or 2 findings.

As someone that studied and assessed the crypto and blockchain space deeply in the past year (one of my strongest abilities) and read almost every piece of information, watched all the leading YouTubers and Webinars in the crypto world, and investigated dozens of startups in this sphere, or ICOs, I understand one thing; “The king is pretty much naked.”

So I’m here to talk about the fact that most of the projects seem massive and unclear.

Most of these crypto projects don’t even have any existing products, and it all sounds so complicated. It’s exactly what I don’t need, and I recommend for you to follow my lead in getting involved in mainstream blockchain products. That is how I came up with the brilliant headline of this article.

After all, blockchain and crypto should make our lives better, open our lives to new opportunities, and really ease the transfer of payments and information.

The accessibility level should be increased, so why the hell is it so complicated and not user friendly? Why can’t I start earning in crypto tomorrow?

So in this pile of noise and clutter, I definitely found some pearls of wisdom that made sense and fit the simplicity and rationality I was looking for. Two platforms that easily integrate crypto into daily life are Steemit and Vanywhere.

Steemit is an existing content-driven medium that allows users to earn crypto for their submissions. If you have a knack for creating content, it could be a good platform for you. By submitting original work related to different topics, users can become of the community. Secondly, Vanywhere is a soon to be launched skill-sharing platform that enables Skillers to earn in crypto, that is simplified and accessible, even for crypto beginners. Vanywhere has found a way to break the barriers of complicated entryways for cryptocurrency simply by creating a platform where you can share your skills in different verticals like cooking, styling, yoga, etc. All you need to start earning in crypto on the app are your skills or subjects that you’re very well informed about. Additionally, users can become part of the platform by seeking out Skillers, whether you need assistance from top travel influencers to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The Skillers and users interact through live video, voice call, or chat, and Skillers are paid in digital currency. For instance, I have become somewhat of a crypto expert and I’ve also developed impressive cooking skills. Both of these skills are showcased on Vanywhere. Additionally, the app is seamless and has its own token called VANY which offer perks for users and rely on an ecosystem. The market capital for these products are out of this world, and I feel a bit embarrassed for not recognizing the potential beforehand. These platforms have found a way to bridge the gap between technology and crypto, and extend into functions of daily life.

To summarize, here are the top 5 ways that mainstream blockchain products will be the next big thing:

  1. Anyone with a skill or marketable ability can start earning crypto
  2. You don’t need to invest in cryptocurrency to actually start earning in it
  3. Easy, simple technology make the platforms efficient and user friendly
  4. Soft entrance to the crypto community with other like minded users
  5. Finally, something you can use and understand that doesn’t make you feel dumbfounded about this whole crypto, blockchain phenomenon

Simplifying and “idiot-proofing” these processes will make it easy for everyone to start earning crypto and expand into the world of digital currency. Blockchain products for dummies are the next big thing.


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