North Korea – All the dictator’s men

North Korea is one of the poorest countries in the world, but its leader Kim Jong Un has still found the money he needs to finance a nuclear weapons program, despite the country’s fundamental poverty and international economic sanctions.

This documentary looks at how, and introduces the men who have helped Kim Jong Un keep his dreams of reaching nuclear power status alive. North Korea has not reined in its nuclear program, despite a number of UN resolutions that have tried to force it to do so.

So how has the isolated country kept the program going despite sanctions?

Every year Pyongyang sends millions of North Korean workers abroad, selling their services to over 40 countries around the world. And their salaries flow directly into Kim’s treasury. The only ones who know exactly how the system works are the men who have helped the North Korean government carry through the program for years.

A film team spent years researching these men and their secrets – from bankers and diplomats to the laborers and specialists who worked abroad and whose wages flowed into the regime’s coffers. Come and meet all the dictator’s men.


backto1960 says:

This is such a powerfully edited and profoundly paced documentary DW. Eye opening stuff. Kudos!!!!!!!

mark anderson says:

North Koreans…like trump minions, are proof you can fool some of the people all of the time…

ॐ गणेश ॐ says:

27:02 the way he reached for that baby was creepy and odd af

Phonemyat Thu says:

Well technically, the war never did ended. It was only a ceasefire

lind vet says:

Watching new housing build in NK, thinking about many homeless people in "rich" worlds.

Mohamad Kemo says:

The music is horrible ?
It is a music fro the devil himself and It is too scary too ?

vin Tran says:

Vietnam communist killed peoples for there money too… the communist is evil .

Rasmus Poulsen says:

Easy keep contruction going through financial crisis, when you use slavelabour

Eleuterio Perez says:

Thats why we love our President here in Philippines, he love hes filipino people. We love you Mr.Pres.Duterte

jabulani6666 says:

Why would you ask if you can keep your shoes on? That is so rude. Yuk man. Bringing in all that crap from outside into your house. Especially if you spend alot of time on the floor and not on a chair.

Roger Brown says:

I noticed you forgot to mention the nuclear deal they agreed to and then built the bomb anyway violating it.

Jason says:

man its crazy how all these nuclear weapons are under the decision of one pig whether to launch them or not

Green Witch says:

Kim wrote me beautiful letters and we fell in love …POTUS

Wreaking Havoc says:

Communism is a frightening joke & it doesn`t work @ all.

Gry Henriksen says:

Combine a psychopath with a dictatorship, and you get a North Korea.. It's a bloody shame that they get to carry on like this

Drew Taylor says:

To all the crybaby Americans that you can't do this you can't say that blah blah blah well go live in North Korea then that will give you something to effin cry about!!!!!!! And I'm an American!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Smith says:

well. tbh if you worship a leader like that, then you deserve every consequences that follows. the survival of the new generation depends on it. it surprises me how submissive people can be under the right circumstances. people don't wanna live, they just wanna survive like a worm.

Alex TK says:

when you think your life sucks. well good luck to you.

Bebek says:

Why north korea and south korea not unity?

Terri Pebsworth says:

What a horribly oppressive and depressing existence. ALL North Koreans must feel they are on borrowed time. North Korea exemplifies the resilience of humans and showcases just how strong the natural desire to survive is regardless of the level of abject misery that must endured just to get up to face each horrible hungry and deprived day. How lucky I feel not have been born in that hell hole, even for the "privileged" living on borrowed time in the illusionary dream apartments in PyongYong. One wrong word or action … Life as a North Korean is the stuff of nightmares, the ones you can never wake up from.

mary murray says:

What a sad country to live in. How do they endure it. God help the people of North Korea.

SURFACES for Mural Visionaries says:

I wonder if any ‘defectors’ have turned out to be NK agents. North Korea should be renamed to ‘Prisong’ since its a slave-state. And what’s up with the Adidas sweat shops? Making knockoffs I’m sure. With sanctions and trade regulations or whatever, I don’t think Adidas could even operate there if they wanted to.

Tony Lewis says:

They do have exports. They export workers to earn money for the leader.Their universities are simply places to decide who do send elsewhere to get educated.

Tony Lewis says:

The world knows that the only thing that can be taken on video is events that have been staged

SatansParadise says:

any country is better than the USA no one likes them anymore lol

michael manzo says:

It's sad how everyone knows how his people r treated but will anything happen…..nope!

Obozo MustGo says:

And yet, so many Americans, especially young Americans in college, believe the lies of socialism fed to them by their professors and the politicians in the DemonRAT Party. They don't realize that socialism is a fancy term for slavery. Look at these workers who work for the government and the government steals their pay as a matter of practice.

Joel Ruiz says:

Not true at all, the USA did not threaten North Corea with deploying nuclear bombs

Pa Guruprasad says:

All people looks gloomy

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