Cryptocurrency 2020: What YOU Need to Know!

Cryptocurrency 2020: What YOU Need to Know!

The outlook for Cryptocurrency 2020 is starting to take shape, and many are wondering what the year will hold for the technology and the crypto projects in the space. Projects like Ethereum, Cardano, ICON, Elastos, and other altcoin projects that dominate cryptocurrency news will have to start to deliver on their promises in 2020. Plus trends like DeFi will continue to gain traction as the year progresses.


PePoBread says:

Can you do update on Elastos project please?

PePoBread says:

Elastos, quant,chainlink

Akinrinade Akinkunle says:

Ethereum, Chainlink, Iexec, Enigma and BAT.

Дмитрий Антропов says:

Check SmartCash. A cryptocurrency that has big plans for 2020! In Brazil, it is accepted for payment in 85 percent of the places, it is amazing!

James Johnson says:

blockchain is fake

zeeshan razz says:

have you looked into Bluzelle yet?

A n g e l o says:

Sia coin is my favorite. I don’t want these centralized companies having access to our cloud storage. Data is power.

V R says:

No doubt Vechain will have amazing year 2020; massive project; great project no doubt about it

Olive-09 says:

I am keen to see what Sentivate, OMISEGO, Grin, Kyber Network, and Digibyte are going this year. Of course I am crossing my fingers for ETH.

Gordon Stewart says:

I agree with a year of reckoning. About 3 thousand crypto's when we need about 20-50 is something to start considering. Too many coins and tokens have no bigger partner in their daily operations and purpose. The good model for success is Ripple Net and XRP or Brave Browser and BAT token.The bad model for success seems to be all the copycat coins and tokens that claim they're better . EOS vs Ethereum for example ,but more importantly all that follow those two.. Ridding the investors of most of these examples would draw the market down to under 100 total coins or tokens. Stablecoins backed by gold are great .Stablecoins backed by USD's are idiotic. 2020 needs to be a weed whacker year.

ADAtainment says:

When Hashoshi stake pool on Cardano?

Jay Sha says:

ELASTOS TRINITY Browser is available for download in the Google play store. Elastos is already delivering a Functional product as it has promised to do. Although the product is in its early stages.

Nathaniel Gillis says:

and elastos

Robert Floria says:

Your content is so refreshing in the crypto space. Keep it up!

Moussa Shalaby says:

Cardano for sure! Look at how much Nodes on the test net, over 650 Staking pools! Even only 150+ are operating, but it’s still an indicator!! Main net will blow the targeted 1000 nodes, and you know the rest, you are the tech professional bro!!

Deepak Verma says:

Cardano will rock in 2020

P A says:

Great Video.. Can you talk about Hedera Hashgraph ( Hbar )

Naoto Nakajima says:

Hi Forrest, Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family!
As we all know that currently, every single industry must operate under the conventional financial method. So how the blockchain technology expands is depending on how financial institution adopts blockchain technology and change the mechanism. So just like what we learned from the incident of Libra was not only the potential that Libra has but the necessity for regulators to be educated in order for them to know how valuable blockchain is.
Well, as you are saying 2020 and 2021 could be the year for some company to show some result, and which will trigger to push up the price of the Cryptocurrency market.
I wish the year 2020 will be a good year for both sides of the trade and technology of blockchain!

Boba Bonanza says:

2020 will be known as the year of DEFI

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