David Morgan: Silver Could Blow-Through $50 And Be At $85 Only 5 Days Later!

David Morgan: Silver Could Blow-Through $50 And Be At $85 Only 5 Days Later!

Silver could blow through $50 like a hot knife blows through butter and keep on going, and it could happen very fast. David explains that, and he offers his insight on gold, the Phase One Trade Deal, the “booming economy” versus “already in recession” narrative, and much, much more!


Brett Halvorson says:

5 G is toxic to the human body.Govt do not change for the people because they are owned,blackmailed or paid off by satanic zionist globalist,corporations,banksters
A peoples French revolution is building that is why these criminal elites are introducing 5 g control grid.Even our politicians will be caught in this.The majority are not of the religion bringing in the one world new order

Kaiser Sosay says:

Completely manipulated metal's markets. They could never cover the paper metal contracts with the actual metals.

Bill Daley says:

Palladium is up $270 – today .

Platinum may very – shortly be
more expensive than gold is.

No disrespect to David Morgan,
but until this manipulation is
broken by the banksters – gold
and silver will be held down in price at – all – cost , or the ponzi – scheme goes bust.

Tony deBruyne says:

Japan has kept their market going for decades, the US has just got started. This could go on for quite awhile yet.

Justin Evans says:

Once silver breaks free of the manipulators I think $150 will be a low number. But I understand Mr Morgan doesn’t want to seem “crazy”. My opinion of course, but silver is becoming rare, is heavily used in modern industry, and is currently hated by 99% of the population. $150 just seems really low.

stage274 says:

I did not know he is an Aero Engineer! Yeah David is smart! Good to know!

Joost says:

150 dollar silver says nothing unless a pack of milk at that time still cost 1.50 dollar

TR P says:

A lot of guys think if it passes $21;
It will quickly rocket over $50

Mellow Stacker says:

What do you think a war inside the US do to the markets? You know the governor of Virginia is basically trying to ban guns in Virginia don't you? People Will say " he's not trying to ban all guns just certain guns and parts of guns" but the language in the bill is so vague it could ban all guns. Now messing with the 2nd amendment could very easily lead to a civil war. What do you think will happen to the markets if this happens?

Charles Swoboda says:

Actually if ur silver bug you just enjoy the silver you want it flat and down for 15 years then I pop so you can get some gold or something

GoneBamboo says:

Typo ?
He means $500 on a Thursday and $870 on a Friday.
Bit coin is going to crash!
It's backed by notiing

Joe Taz says:

His voice is so hard to listen to u have to turn it off

General Stack says:

Forget about 10x bagger… how about we start with a 1 and 1/2 bagger? Silver hasn’t moved in 7 years. So pathetic

Chris Shrek says:

I keep trading dollars for metals until I can't if u know what I mean

charlie grima says:

As long as there are paper contracts on gold and silver they will go nowhere…. look at palladium you can only buy physical, there are no paper contracts. We need to only sell the physical metals. Then and only then will they move to their true value

justin gabriel says:

The silver guru david absolute legend ?

john doe says:

I think silver has to get to 26 just to not look silly undervalue of a lifetime

Hastur of Carcosa says:

It should be observed that when a commodity is unpopular, it's easier to manipulate as regulators only grease squeaky wheels. Like silver for instance. It's such a small market that when GATA starts ranting about manipulation, it goes unnoticed. If we get another 2008, popularity will surge. When there's x10,000% more people in the silver market, the slightest manipulation gets noticed extremely fast and is hard to obfuscate. Paper manipulation at $18/oz with only .003% global popularity is quite different than $50/oz with a popularity of 30%. But then again, I've only been in PM's for 30 years,..what do I know.

Fiber Vector says:

You can Predict when it's manipulated up the Ysuzu if comprehend the matrix of undeniably ethical morality spontaneously!

silverslave333 says:

With Rothschild in charge silver and HUMANITY will remain manipulated

Website guy says:

Man is so smart he is making himself worthless as he makes the system itself capable of destroying man.

Website guy says:

Giving away money will implode. It destroys the value of money with inflation by printing as the cure for inflating money.

Website guy says:

We are in a big ugly bubble.

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