Bitcoin rejected by the 200DMA! Insanely accurate price calls, best strategy for altcoins, possible BTC soft fork in 2020, XRP lawsuit, AMLD5 crushing crypto, more YouTube scams, crypto news, and more!


Crypto Zombie says:

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Tony Cardo says:

** A good way to think about BTC and Crypto, and to weather the ups and downs, is to consider them as a retirement savings account.

No emotional panic, please
No rushing in to buy – that is FOMO

dani martinez says:

Awesome video!! I love how u keep us informed! Ty

Imre Csoka says:

The thing is we got to almost 14k last year BUT we really didnt know what the hell we wanted so we played around 12k and then 7.2 mostly, so i wonder what the heck Bitcoin is really worth (the backing / support / interest ) and how in the heck we would double that which is 14k + odd never even mind going back to 20k and beyond, it just seems hard to believe it happens this year – though it can, but it just seems like its a fluffy hyped story.
All the exciting videos and news we had last year and it was just disappointment in terms of what the news and technical analyses what and who is getting to bitcoin .
Just a thought, not sure what u guys think

Whata Heckman says:

Dropping comment. I’m trying to win one! Thanks. I’m seeing this video 3 times now. Actually I see all your vids 2 or 3 times. ?

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Ohm Naruchit Taengsuan says:

Thx K Dub 🙂

Imre Csoka says:

@K-Dub Hey K-Dub, hope u can notice this message, but i have seen a few video going around about the Nano Ledger S being hacked ….especially if it is sold to you other than the Ledger store.
I my case i got a Ledger from a person IT WAS SEALED but they reckon even if these devices are sealed (i mean the plastic on the box) its possible they are vulnerable or compromised.
My stuff inside the box was like new as I saw and it had the very first message which it should have when it is brand new.
Anything you might know about this?
I really want to feel completely comfortable using my Nano Ledger S…

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Imre Csoka says:

09:05 So he reckons target of 18000 USD just before halving ?

Imre Csoka says:

Oh flip, i just felt a pimple on my nose, i hate those dam things

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Bart Klumpers says:

Lets go rlc

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