Think Like A Grand Master Entrepreneur

Think Like A Grand Master Entrepreneur

Patrick Bet-Davids keynote in Long Beach, CA – Think Like A Grand Master Entrepreneur. At Driven 2019 a conference hosted by Albert Preciado and The Mortgage Guys, Patrick Bet-David shares how to plan your next moves as an entrepreneur.


Valuetainment says:

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george agious says:

any entepreneurs that are also dealing with stress here?


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Werner Hunter says:

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357k lion says:

This video made me my 1st million dollars. Thank you sir.

Zero Hour Survival says:

Excellence Patrick

Parth Thakkar says:

So this is what they don't teach in schools and colleges!

Anne Wambui Kanyi says:


Mr P says:

27 minutes in and this guy has said nothing

dutch dettweiler says:

americans love cocaine, he mentioned escobar and like 10 women started hootin an hollerin instantly. than he mentions chapo and it was the most lit moment of the talk.


I tried to text number. I'm in u.k. and it failed???

eric draven says:

16:30 He picked his wife but doesn't wear the ring… :;Crowd applause::

sodachris3000 says:

I need this man in my life. Sexy AND smart?

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