US – Iran: WWIII or Regime Collapse?

US – Iran: WWIII or Regime Collapse?

Patrick Bet-David talks about the current situation going on in Iran and if we should trust the signs of a possible WWIII.


Valuetainment says:

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Quinton Mitchell says:

You should rewatch the film Syriana. There's a crazy scene about Iran with George Clooney when he's talking to politicians in Washington and this film came out a while ago and the director doesn't make movies anymore really despite winning awards

Daniel C says:

That opening scene though!? Thought he was about to sell me a course LMAO

Maranatha 1 says:

I absolutely love this channel

Strategic Intelligence Analysis says:

You missed some other more likely outcomes, like will the USA get face stomped in Iraq.

Smilester says:

You forget they shot down a plane with one of those missile.


Man I felt like I was in class thanks for the information very well said!

Ruslan Turanov says:

Did you do any research before posting this stuff? @ there are a couple of wrongs; Iraq is (according to CIA factbook) Shia 64-69%, Sunni 29-34%). Saddam was from a tribe called al-Khatab and they were all Sunnis.

kufre ibanga says:

Bolton for President!!!? ? ? ?

M. Jones says:

When Israel attacks Iran's nuclear facilities WW3 will officially start. Came from the Lord March 2005 the dream

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