10 Situations You’ll Face as an Entrepreneur

10 Situations You’ll Face as an Entrepreneur

Patrick Bet-David talks about 10 Situations You’ll Face as an Entrepreneur.


Valuetainment says:

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Winter Phoenix says:

To Understand a true company and competition market share one must understand the real market. Is Burger king McDonald's true competition? They would say so. But McDonald's would say no it's KFC , chick filet, Popeyes, Pizza Hut etc. Because McDonald's is not equal in its menus to burger king so burger king can try to do everything the same but they can still never really compete unless they served the same "exact thing" but if they did why go to burger king. So if burger king really wanted to complete against McDonald's they have to compete against everyone who served food! Right? Because that's the true market share of people who go out to eat. That's how to look at the market a way most people would never understand. So as you stated the haters a competitive market. If you as a business are going after someone's customers then your fooling yourself. If you go after a new clients out there to offer a better service products goods then you become a true competitive force. Then and only then can you take true "market" share. Because McDonald's and Burger king don't ÷ up the entire food market. A stupid economist, reporter, or politicians would say so but a true economist wouldn't say so because every other type of food that is fast or self serve dine in or to go is part of the market place. So if you're in competition against them all you have to figure out how to appeal to everyone who can pick from all those choices. So a person who starts their new business needs to think like that not limited to a boxed in idea's. That's how little buisness become big business and why "The Competition" is always trying to stay relevant. It's why Microsoft has no competition But Apple would say they're Microsoft competition. But if Apple understood this then they would say Texas instruments Xerox and IBM are the true competition. In terms of business, then they understand They don't have a single giant company in the world of business they have many. It's a concept that only a few can understand. It's why big companies become huge companies and why everyone is jealous of them. They are the type of people Fareed Zakaria talk about and say they're into everything! There here they're there! WTF they're everywhere. Because they understand that's the market. Understand?

Mikal says:

Fuckin love this dude!

siddharth mittal says:

The video is so true

Cairo Qween says:

Most Excellent Truths!

I'm WORTH IT! says:

Yesss!! Everybody is praised and raised!! United we stand divided we fall!!! ❤️❤️???????????

I'm WORTH IT! says:

I really appreciate you Pat! Thanks for all you do!!

I'm WORTH IT! says:

I’m goin through a lot of hate now so I know that I’m on the right path!! For a month or so things were too easy! Everybody was too nice! Ha

Slaughter House Entertainment Company says:

I approve all of these pointers

Clint Pachl says:

Patrick, you are a prophet.

Robert Friou says:

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SamT says:

Nothing make sense. It's true, some times it's discouraging

J A says:

I fired my uncle. I felt good. He deserved it. He stole money and time from me and my wife. He deserved it.

Jorge Ramos says:

What a channel Pat, for we the people hungry you add so much value my man! ????????

Dr. Dude says:

Patrick, your channel is the best that I follow. I needed this and few other channels, but you have the best advice i needed all along my life. I plan to be an entrepreneur once done something in hand these few months.

I came from many different channels, all are great, but after some time they get dull. This one doesn't, and it keeps enriching my personality in many ways. Thank you so much dear Patrick.

Danny Augustus says:

I've had girl friends tell me that I think I'm better than them

Danny Augustus says:

I got reported to community standards of facebook for sharing iran vs us conflict. These leftist dont even want to listen to someone whos been there!

Money Tips & Tricks PH says:

These posts are so valuable to me. Keep inspiring…

Money Tips & Tricks PH says:

These posts are so valuable to me. Keep inspiring…

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