Neuroscientist Explains Brain & Mind Connection

Neuroscientist Explains Brain & Mind Connection

Dr. Caroline Leaf stops by the Valuetainment studio for a sit down with Patrick Bet-David.

About the guest: Dr. Caroline Leaf is a cognitive neuroscientist with a PhD in Communication Pathology and a BSc Logopaedics specializing in cognitive and metacognitive neuropsychology.


junior hamonfore says:

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Roger Klosterman says:

Just my 2 cents . CHANGE THE WORD PERFECT CORE TO CHORD ( WAVE ) In scientific language she is talking about the the perfect word and will of what the myths call GOD , when she speaks of the " perfect core " as LOVE …. well GOD is LOVE … In my mind GOD created perfection .. known to some as the " crystal tree " Perfection of GOD , She speaks . that we are literally " waves " of pure electric / magnetic energy . This is the pure " Garden " She said , " every thought planted can become a " TREE " we make choices . Now does'nt the story about the Garden of Eden make more sense . Do not take it literally . Notice how she said , " physics and spirituality are the same thing , just different languages folks . Am a composer and guitarist and perhaps that is why all she said makes perfect sense and actually is quit simple to me . Finally , when she speaks of IIII me me me me mine mine INDIVIDUAL IN DIVIDE U AL …. separate from GOD is death . I feel nourished with Love after hearing the harmony vibrations

mtl- grk says:

She needed a higher chair or vice versa someone is not doing their job.

Darwin Lopez says:

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Sirus Das says:

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Tamara Foxen says:

Debunking Dr. Leaf .com

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Ivan G├╝ttler says:

The way love and quantum physics are linked in this interview is unscientific.

Evil Deeds says:

If you REALLY want to know about your own mind and stop negative habits, start by concentrating on the PHYSICAL SENSATION of your stomach rising and falling as you breath. This is called Anapanasati meditation. Breath meditation. The key to understanding your mind is through CONCENTRATION. The more intensely you concentrate the faster you will understand how your own mind operates.

The reason we use the physical sensation of the breath is because it is always there ready to focus on, no matter what you are doing. Also, the idea is that the more you RELAX, the greater your concentration will be. The muscles around your stomach while you breath, are the LAST bit of tension to be released when relaxing the ENTIRE body. Mind and body are connected very deeply. The more your body is relaxed, the more your mind is relaxed. The more excited your mind is, the more tension will be in your body. To quiet the mind, you have to quiet the body.

To progress, you have to balance concentration with relaxation. You have to concentrate with the intensity of a rabid dog, REALLY MEAN TO DO IT, while at the same time paying attention to relaxing the entire body as much as possible, even to the point of your breathing seaming to stop. You will not die. The body can absorb enough oxygen through the skin to survive, by the time you reach that degree of relaxation. I am not suggesting you try to stop breathing, I'm saying with enough relaxation, it can appear as if you have stopped breathing. The worst that will happen is your body will automatically force your breathing to gain more air if you are not relaxed enough.
The more time you put into this exercise the more effective it will be.15 mins a day will show small benefits, however, 20 hours a day with quick breaks for small walks and one small meal will supercharge your development.

Beware though, the more screwed up you are, the harder time of it you are going to have at the beginning. You are training yourself to observe your self. What you are going to see at first is all the bullshit thoughts that constantly go through your mind all day long, this time, preventing you from concentrating on your breathing. Remember, YOU are in charge, YOU decide what YOU choose to do. All those thoughts interfering are just HABITS you have accumulated over the years. With a small amount of determination and patience, even in the first half hour or so, those habitual thoughts will diminish, providing you make your body RELAX.

Evil Deeds says:

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Evil Deeds says:

"The more I, I ,I individualism, isolation the more your going to die."

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