Shocking Data On China’s Economic Growth

Shocking Data On China’s Economic Growth

Robert Spalding shares Shocking Data On China’s Economic Growth with Patrick Bet-David.

About Robert Spalding: Brig. Gen. Robert S. Spalding III assumed the duties of Special Assistant to the U.S. Air Force Vice Chief of Staff in February 2018.


akvalues says:


trend trend says:

China is going down fast

Cedric Walker says:

Idiots… have you seen their concrete?! Have you seen their buildings? If not, look quick before they collapse! China doesn't pay you well enough to make it convincing?

Michael Runnels says:

China has 550 square feet of space to rent in a secret city? Wow! Now that's impressive. I had no idea, folks.

J L says:


a Dog that barks when finding CCP chinese,蟑螂 says:

i dont care
i just hate china
cuz they are sooooo rude and uncivilized

Arole Flynn says:

There are 64 million empty apartments in Communist China. Think what kind of bubble that is.

chow tt says:

Homosexual America is only interested in Uranus

JOHN Pappone says:

A hollow shell with no more growth potential, empty cities, real estate collapse eminent, staggering debt not enough self produced food and fuel…. the communist party will be eaten by its citizens

Peter Phrakaysone says:

This is fabricated data type lie the world .

yukonjeffimagery says:

They built ghost cites.

Kirat Singh says:

i keep queit and make a fortune a chinese proverb

Phongy 401 says:

USA must not hope poor countries must stay poor and not improve her standard of living…

What got USA so work up because others are improving and spend more on education and etc

Michele Coenen says:

like us datas are always clean ?? LOL all cheeters all !!

Tom Meyers says:

Trump is keeping out the low IQ welfare races… And America is soaring again… to the moon baby.

Tom Meyers says:

China had Growth….US had Slowth…. That was under Obama.
Now we have an American president and that has been turned around.

Huang ZB says:

Typical whiteman racist, just full of arrogance and ignorance.

Lian Khan Muan Zomi says:

I always respect China!!

wt3 ipop says:

If the IMF stop lending $ to China then we don't have to worry about China anymore!

Zulkanain Baharuddin says:

You ask a General abt economy?.

Nan Han says:

As a Chinese, I don’t understand why US is scared now. My country is still very poor now. Lots of people are waiting for getting rid of poverty. Our technology falls behind more than 20 years than US.

Shantanukumar Maity says:

China ????

Lucky Yiw says:

how these guys keep seeing China through their own lens?
pathetic. they think there is only one way – ie u.s way and u.s
is the world and u.s is everything. But be real come to China this time round
there is no contest.

Budiman Tedja Saputra says:

Are you discussing the ghost town, that China built at this time ?. Lol.

K C Koay says:

Truth be told, economic engagement between the United States and China has never been a zero-sum game.

While Washington had used every conceivable means to stop Huawei and ZTE, the American businesses on the other hand, are having a field day in China.

Starbucks, which has long dominated the Chinese coffee market, currently has over 4,000 stores spread across 160 cities in the country. To top that, the company has announced plans to build 600 new stores annually over the next five years in China to double the number of its existing stores to 6,000 by 2022 across 230 cities.

McDonald's in Beijing opened in 1992, and today it has 2,700 restaurants, with an ambitious plan to increase that to 4,500 by 2022. There are over 5,900 KFC outlets in more than 1,000 Chinese cities. Pizza Huts, on the other hand, operates 2,000 outlets. In fact, Yum!Brand, which owns both KFC and Pizza Huts, is so bullish about China’s market that they’re planing to rollout 2 restaurants on a daily basis!

At its sales peak in 2017, General Motor sold over 4 million vehicles in China. That is 42% of its total sales worldwide, and 1 million units more than what it had sold in the US in the same period!

Nike’s sales in China increased by 21% to $5.1 billion in 2018, or 15% of its global sales of $34.5 billion. Whereas its sales in the US had decreased by 2%.

China made up 13.8% of Boeing’s (which competes directly with Airbus) $100 billion revenues in 2018.

Intel’s sales to China in the meantime, grew by 27% year-on-year to $18.8 billion in 2018, or 27% of its sales worldwide. In the case of Qualcomm, their dependent on China’s market is even more profound; with $15.1 billion or 67% of its 2018 sales revenue coming from China.

Besides, China holds $1.11 trillion in US Treasuries. This accounts for 27% of the 4.1 trillion US Treasuries, bills and bonds held abroad.

To maintain the ‘fiat’ value of the dollar, the confidence and continuous support of the world largest trading nation, China, is pre-eminent.

It is a fact that the United States has been exploiting the rest of the world with its indiscriminate borrowings. This is largely made possible because the world still believe in the US dollar and honour the dollar as the dominant currency in international trade transactions and settlements. In other words, the United States can continue to print money, via issuance of debts, to finance its insatiable appetite for consumption; and to augment the exploit and hegemony of capital. Effectively, to the United States, the cost of capital and labour of other producing countries is no more than the cost of printing of the greenbacks.

The logical strategy would be to view and treat China as its strategic partner, rather than an adversary.

Bernardo Bizarro says:

"I believe that if you treat China as an enemy, then it is likely to become one."
–Peter Mandelson

Kelvin Ng says:

Another CIA Talk Show about China..come on

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