Billionaire Ray Dalio Predicts The Next Big Market Crash

Billionaire Ray Dalio Predicts The Next Big Market Crash

Ray Dalio interview with Patrick Bet-David.

About: Raymond Dalio is an American billionaire investor, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist. Dalio is the founder, Co-Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer of investment firm Bridgewater Associates, one of the world’s largest hedge funds. Bloomberg ranked him as the world’s 58th wealthiest person in June 2019.


Valuetainment says:

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enigma-el says:

millionaire speaking to a billionaire and people who bashing trying to reach both levels lol.

reaper says:

Trump is the synergist

John Pavlidis says:

What a shame. Having Ray Dalio who is a genius in his field & his interview is spoiled by non-sense stock footage, which overlap with what he's saying & PBD interrupting him throughout the whole interview. What a spoilt opportunity for a great interview !!!

qianyun hu says:

I am so impressed by the humanity and wisdom in this billionaire

Debra Milton says:

I'm grateful to the rich but on the norm I'd be bord out of my mind listening to one.. Patrick makes the least interesting topic,, interesting.

marcw3 says:

Thank you for posting this insightful interview, Patrick!
Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience, and wisdom, Ray Dalio!

Neyo Katalbas says:

I understand why Patrick acted and manuevered the interview that way, he just wanted to extract MORE substantial views and wisdom from Ray. It's just that Ray's way of conversing requires a lot of mind prep to enable him give the right context for what he is saying. It's not because Patrick is arrogant and impatient but for this kind of content, Ray's format won't simply work. I hope Pat should've simply informed Ray in a nice and respectful manner.

Winter Phoenix says:

The AFL-CIO. and Chuck Shummer always seemed to have all knowing ability especially with negotiations and predetermined pay limits somehow knew exactly everything just like justice department in competition and competition overseas that always got them billions and billions then trillions in economic activity advantages even against American companies. I wonder how AFL-CIO Elisabeth Warren Bernie Sanders N.Y. justice Department and Shummer were always in same page and first to know all while the rest the media were the puppets and they the masters?

Makaveli says:

I hate when you interrupt the people you invite to interviews. It makes my blood boil.

Winter Phoenix says:

The AFL-CIO put into U.S. trade law's with the U.S. trade partners to try too take over the Mexican and Canadian trade unions to keep them out of certain industries and to keep the Job's in U.S. by keeping the Mexican worker's down!? WTF? It's always lose lose with them. They do the same with England Jermy Coorben the US intelligence tells U.S. unions to tel Corbin to have a lose lose policy if U.K. is going to make more money as if the US is losing something instead of gaining something. The U.S. may have found out the U.K. plans to invest more in railroads to help economy and investment in 5 G and EVERYTHING else so somehow told Corbin to nationalize EVERYTHING because they know the investment won't be made and instead maybe they'll keep the money in USA. Just as they do with Candida and Mexico.

Emiliano Corradi says:

Ray Dalio is a man of deep knowledge and wisdom.

Winter Phoenix says:

What the heck is this guy on? I think I know how he got rich "he got lucky" WTF? Some of the stuff he says doesn't make sense. He's a fool. I saw on sixty minutes he has a highly educated staff who pick the stocks and who are the brain power behind his company. So the more I hear from this guy I know it's his people who made him so rich. Unlike Michael Bloomberg who's the reason his company is so rich.
This guy said a few things that do make sense but its commen sense but he says that the U.S. is putting money inflating dollars by investing and by causing a wealth gap. But the US didn't create the gap it's The AFL-CIO who runs a few think tanks who run the N.Y. democrats and Michigan democrats and CA Nuevo rich don't know that the new progressive democrats are undercut by the communist who run think tanks and make political discourse / decisions based on
what communists believe not on real economics like Fereed Zakaria who raises his finger to the wind to see what others think first not based on economic principles. The old school democrats those who all served in 80 s understand basic economy or law or both. Elisabeth & Burnie are the communist exception it's why the AFL-CIO always was last to accept everything wallstreat put into law like the Safety standards for workers the unions opposed OSAH than accepted than abused than bribery companies said they would no longer pay to get contracts than after it was standard then Congress passed foreign corruption practice act. Then after they support it along with law's for the disabled the unions hated it then later support it. So The progressive people like Dalio don't even know what's good for them They just know if its successful it's not communism than its bad. LOL They just call it trickle down economics and deregulation even if they have never read the book's. All they know is some communist think tanks say its supported by non Christian or pro this or pro that and it will get votes but don't even know it will work. Just like Dalio he's not salt. He's like water all over the place. So the media is controlled by the communist AFL-CIO who run the N.Y. democrats / Communist the N.Y. and D.C. think tanks and N.Y. media and liberal left / progressive democrats. So he's just covering N.Y. liberals talking points not facts. The fact is had students went to technology schools they wouldn't be in debt. But philosophy schools of course they'll get left behind as they well should have.

Emiliano Corradi says:

Fabolous… Thanks for sharing!

IAN WARD says:

I'd love to see Daniela Cambone of Kitco interview Mr Dalio. She knows how to listen & let her Guests speak. When they pause a bit she asks a relevant question that shows insight & knowledge of the topic.

rjny51 says:

I can hear the StreetWise smartass person come out on you every time you speak. If you are truly worth two to three hundred million dollars is you said you are a multi-millionaire to the tune of that I would take my money and go home and not even conduct these video programs. If it wasn't for you interviewing Ray dalio and him being on your show I would have turned this off a long time ago it's painful to hear you interrupt all the time you have to be Top Dog. Shut up and listen. You are not the star the star of your interviews are the interviewee. Get that through your head.

rjny51 says:

You were probably awestruck interviewing Ray dalio. The truth to how successful you are will be if Ray dalio ever grants you another interview. You keep interrupting him and interrupting him because it's your show you have to prove you're Top dog . Nothing humble about you is there?

Tessy Singh says:

So I think the problem that frustrated the viewers is that Patrick didn't want to do an interview on Ray's sociological concerns but on his business advice. I guess education is Ray's pet peeve. It's the break down of the family that is the ruin of education in the West and in China it's the one child policy that has led to a sex imbalance through the selective abortion of the girl child. So while the USA is producing children out of wedlock who have poor odds of succeeding in school, the Chinese are a dying population. Money can't solve either dilemma.

Armchair Rockstar! says:

This man says he is a professional capitalist (whatever the fuck that means) but he has no idea on what capitalism is. I highly doubt if he ever read Mises or anyone who could be called a libertarian intellectual.

Jerry Pun says:

The interviewer is ASS!!! GET OUT!! Do not interrupt the conversation!

Jerry Pun says:

If I were the boss of the interviewer, I will fire him immediately!!! He doesn't know how to be respectful and polite, which are basic rules for being an interviewer!!!

Jerry Pun says:

The interviewer is fucking impolite

Dan_7 says:

Great interview, great questions Patrick!??

luis Valencia says:

Ray is very theoretical or is afraid to talk about the serious issue, the corrupted elite that with favoritism were taking the big business for them and only for them … Also he talk about an agreement between left and right to bring the Nation together however he ignored that the problem is not the left or the right but is a Corrupted powerful international Gang that were controlling the World for the last 60 years …An agreement he said start from the Education and we know that the education is now conscientization handled in most of the cases by a sophisticated army of Marxist – communist teachers… Dalio can be more realistic and put the names in his general comments … or maybe he is afraid of that Gang … People like him always talk about recessions and inflation that are coming soon …I am firmly believe that recessions are not cyclical but created and fabricated by a sophisticate financial laboratory formulas, economist in high elites that play with the interest, price of metals or the Petroleum. Deals like the Nafta agreement destroyed the industrial park in all America … against that an intelligent commercial international new Agreements like they are signing now in USA will change dramatically the life of millions in the planet but the lefty's do not want that because their totalitarianism concepts will fail against the free enterprise and they will lose control. Finally do not worry about us Mr Dalio, we the new generation are looking for alternative education and freedom in the internet …we do not need people like you to explain what is obvious …but thanks for think about us… the middle and poor working class

tambourinedmb says:

Had turn off because of Dalio. He was just talking bullshit. Ok, education should be a national priority… don’t have to talk in meaningless vague sentences for 10 mins about it. There was nothing prescriptive in there and then at the end Dalio admits that it’ll never happen

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