History of US-Iran Conflict Explained

History of US-Iran Conflict Explained

What’s the history between US and Iran that has led to the escalated US- Iran conflict and allegations of economic terrorism? Patrick Bet-David gives an explanation from both sides in this episode.

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Jake Reyes II says:

What if Iran stops nuclear ambition?

My country does not have nuclear. Citizens are happy and prosperous. Why dont Iran invest its money in agriculture and or industrial, science and technology, automobile, computers, household products, beauty products (lols)– Not missiles and nuclear weapon??? This is just a what if… I love the people of Iran. Looks to me that your leaders are brainwashing you to a wrong belief. If you can give me a clear WHY… maybe I can understand.

Forid Khan says:

Basically if you bow down to Dajjal you'll have a good happy life if you don't misery an torment.. Ya Allah long live Iran love 4rm Bangladeshi from UK

Logan Whitmire says:

16:4517:09 The main reason that hostages were not released until Carter was out of office is because of Operation Eagle Claw; the failed rescue attempt of the 52 embassy hostages. The failure of this operation had sweeping effects on US Special Forces training and command structure, led in part to the Goldwater – Nichols Act, and resulted in the 52 hostages being scattered in order to prevent another rescue attempt. As a "fuck you" to Carter, the hostages were only released once he was out of office.

Florin MitriƟ says:

Those transitions between camera filming you and some data are really annoying and tiring.

Whopper Goldstein says:


Diesel Rizoel says:

We the People I support the common people of Iran

Calin Florin says:

Excellent lesson of history.

ghozt man says:

You will think that Britain taking abt 50% of Iran's oil in the 1950s is unfair right … Today in Ghana we get only abt 5% of our own oil money…. Try that ?

Sohail charles says:

Please make him foreign minister of USA or UK

joe dean says:

Awesome video

Carl Swanson says:

The US and Iran were great friends and the vast majority of Iranian professionals went to college in the US. Then that pathetic, drooling, inbred moron Jimmy Carter handed Iran, one of the richest oil producing states in the world, to radical, regressive Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorists because the Shah "was repressing them". The blood of every victim of Islamic terrorists in the world is on that 'man's' hands. He's responsible for the murder and genocide perpetrated by those reprehensible cowards and their numbers are almost in the millions.

Ronnie Brown says:

wow dude….VERY well presented….you gave facts not opinions….this what america needs more of oh so badly (or so i say bigly?)…..venezuala and iran will not do things the way WE want them done…..so they are evil and we are good…..

Gabe Hernandez says:

No olbiden la verdad este idiota no sabe lo que esta pasando solo ase lo que le combiene, …. don't believe this guy he believes in the supreme ideology America is running off and as a people we don't believe in supremacy we believe in equality and peace and truth #NEWAMERICA #BLACK&BROWN PARTIOTS OF AMERICA.

sammy king says:

Why isn't Trump in Prison for Killing .

sammy king says:

Good thing you didn't say anything about our masters the Jews,or this will be shut down.

Dwight Frost says:

At twenty-four minutes in I'm curious why Russia isn't made more of especially considering the subject last mentioned is in relation to Venezuela and Iran which are allied easily in this conflict or I might say "supported" by Russia.

Touhidul Islam Abir says:

The analysis about Shah is totally wrong. He was horrible and torchered the woman who wears hizab and torturing hundreds of thousands in jail and he was puppet of the western countries. Theres a reason the revolution happened. The analysis is totally biased. Also wrong about situation about female job and education in current Iran. They are doing better than men in that area. Just cos they wear hizab in public place doesnt mean they are in the dark.

conrad riffle says:

Endtime war is about to happen-sure hope the good people of Iran reads Ezekiel chapters 38 an 39 . We love you and wish the best for you.

John Ellis says:

Your videos are much appreciated…….My country America continues to manipulate Muslim countries. I'm sure the only information that's filtered down through the media is more a brainwashing tactic than meant to paint muslim countries in the worst light possible and pacify us to support whatever agenda the men in power have. Youd never see this presentation on a new media outlet…..if my country is going to continue to meddle in muslim affairs …… we individually should learn more about the REAL FACTS…..Thanks!!!!!!

Joe Schmoe says:

The Shah goes to great lengths to improve the education in Iran and then the Mullahs brings them right back to the 7th century. The Shah is blasted for having a billion dollars while Khamenei is worth 90 billion. Ironic isn't it.

osemobo aikeremiokha says:

am a proud Rasta atheist ,but am move by this man…to me u are like a prophet ,please keep it on,cos i cant find or spot any biaz emitting from u. am so happy….thanks

tata lyn says:

What I can see is the US need to stop his immoral activities in Iran.
It looks unfair or wrong. Leave Iran alone stop that sanction you a not Creator of Universe.

Current Affairs Of Pakistan says:

Will you marry me ?

belly QBE6878 says:

Nah… Miss me with the bully bs… Iran's civil war is wah happened in Iran..

Michael Law says:

Good lecture, thanks!

Bob Miller says:

The Iranians want to join the rest of the world, the Regime won't allow it, they cannot risk losing Power and Control. Just like North Korea.

Donnie Mullady says:

Instructionally very good and accurate, however; throughout there is no talk of the deceptiveness of the Quran.

grim reaper says:

95 billion???????

Tom Damian says:

Brilliant video – informative and intuitive. Your knowledge is outstanding as well as thought-provoking. I need an hour or two to let it all sink in and be digested

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