China’s 100 Years of Bad Luck

China’s 100 Years of Bad Luck

Robert Spalding talks China’s fear of losing control of their people and protecting their interests with Patrick Bet-David.

About Robert Spalding: Brig. Gen. Robert S. Spalding III assumed the duties of Special Assistant to the U.S. Air Force Vice Chief of Staff in February 2018.


Michael Freedom says:

How is China losing but America is in debt to China?!

Reik R says:

It's funny how people in the comments seem to support dictatorship and a tyranny that is china say what you want about the US but we still have our democracy

Engchoon Koay says:

Bunch of craps of a typical American shit . I don't think communism had fail it's the American democracy had fail n they want to force their stupidity on others. In truth Asian countries will never succeed if the follow the American type of ideology . They will be very divided n divisive will make them weak so the American aggression can easily penetrate n take advantage of them just as what they did to the latin American continent n the Middle East. Beware of their hypocrisy. What freedom or democracy? When they were imposing n forcing their ideals on others with regime change , sanctions n interfering with all sorts of filthy tactics they can think of. All I know is the US is the most unqualified nation on Earth to even mention about freedom. It's the most imperialist n hegimonous rogue nation on the planet presently. Reflect on yourself first before you judge in others. So don't shame yourself with your hypocrisy.

Adamn孙 says:

A documentary film about Xinjiang.

TS Toon says:

Robert Spalding I think u have lost control of your wife n kids.

Chek Yu says:

Biggest problem is US cant control China. At the same time China is getting more n more advanced n powerful. Richer too.

chung O says:

This guy has no clue of what he is saying…. lol ? ? ? is not bad luck,, luck got nothing to do, they trusted the westerner is the main issue.

troy ma says:

I think it’s US losing control,So they invaded Iraq and Afghanistan,and other Middle East countries.

yehoutube says:

the USA talking about control, that's really disease of human history.

Joe Robinson says:

China is going down enlightenment is the greatest enemy of communism.

Sir Wm says:

However, China is a failing economy…$44 Trillion in debt…Banks falling like flies…total chaos in HK and now reaching nearly every part of the Mainland. A few Nukes but no real delivery system that has genuinely been tested…w/o a real Navy (2 AC Carriers and neither nuclear)…small AF but millions of Army troops that can’t leave the Mainland…so a Conventional War in China or Asia is a doable deal but they can’t get 200 miles from China. Now here’s the kicker…THEY CANNOT FEED THEIR PEOPLE! China as hard as they try cannot source enough food or technology…China is a “Paper Tiger!” They desperately need the trade with the USA! Trump has them right where we Taxpayers want them. Best call your Senator and tell that miserable representative they are “TOAST” if they vote to impeach POTUS!

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