Robert Kiyosaki Interview with Patrick Bet-David

Robert Kiyosaki Interview with Patrick Bet-David

Author, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker Robert Kiyosaki shares his new book Second Chance and predicts the future of American business and entrepreneurship in this exclusive interview with Patrick Bet-David.


Valuetainment says:

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daine cunha bent says:

Superb stuff …

Lawrence L says:

Serious question: if everyone becomes a rich dad…who is going to be doing the work?

Health Health says:

JD KIRK says:

Robert thank you for your service.I served peace time joined 1982 RA Berlin then state side.The soviet union collapsed but Poland/Russia are actually doing well I assume other parts of the ussr are the same.point just because the world /USA goes to another monetary system doesn't mean there wont be an America and a great one at that.Historic/painful but not our non existance as a nation

Adam Brake says:

I'm in the entrepreneur wagon… and I'm getting away the mindset that this has to work… and I've been hungry and getting smarter… but I got to break my self out of this comfort zone… and I'm doing this because I don't want to pay the government a dam dim…

Adam Brake says:

This man is brilliant… it hard to wrap my head around what he say get in to debt…when there printing… money gets cheaper the more they print… emmm… ok…

Thank you for this incredible interview… wow…

Michael LaPierre says:

Kiyosaki is a scammer. Get this junk off the air. If you want to learn business, read business books and listen to entrepreneurs. Kiyosaki will take your money and leave you with nothing. He's a bum scammer. Do your own search about him and read his books for free from your local library. You will see.

Morris Harm Richter says:

Robert Kiyosaki and Patrick Bet David. Im so glad I learned to get to know you both via Youtube. I am a 31 year old fool. But thanks to you guy`s I am getting smarter every day. My undying gratitude to both of you. Love and Health to you both and your family`s.

Pavan pavan says:

I love the book rich dad poor dad BUT everything else Robert does is just upsell his books, he never gets into the actual knowledge (like how Pat does). Even his courses are similar, pay hundreds of dollars for one course and to learn "more", he upsells his other course. Don't follow Robert too closely. Not worth the time.

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