Is Your Side Hustle Keeping You Poor?

Is Your Side Hustle Keeping You Poor?

If you think your side hustle is actually making you more money, then you might need to think again. Watch this!

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MBS Travel & Photography says:

Nice vlog, Thanks for sharing ?

MBS Travel & Photography says:

Nice vlog, Thanks for sharing ?

Philippians 4:8 RekaFaye says:

Dropping nuggets! Thank you. I have like 5 side hustles and feel burnt out at times

Kevin Adams says:

I definitely see where you're coming from, but what if you're on salary and for the time being you literally can't get paid anymore, why wouldn't you have a side hustle? I'm not bashing by any means I'm just curious. If I was a doctor I'd likely not have a side hustle lol.

Jayson Vlog says:

This is so good and helpfulll

decade kaiza says:

Agree. I spend more than 5years by joining a multilevel sales team in part time, although the spending of money is not too big, but recently I decided to stop it. Because I aware that I not earning any income by spending part time which is my free time of my full-time job. And these years, I just wasting time on watching my upline recruiting team, I m just not this kind of guy, I have my own skill which I more confidence in. If wasting time on sales not suit me, I should just stop it and more focus on my ability

Kyle Miller says:

Are you Tai Lopez?

Adelina Monroe says:

Yes that’s why you have you know your WHY ?

manny's movies says:

Great video man
1sub = 1sub

Noor says:

Great video as always man

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