Jocko Willink- NAVY SEAL Leadership Strategies

Jocko Willink- NAVY SEAL Leadership Strategies

In this Jocko Willink interview, Patrick Bet-David talks extreme ownership, are leaders born or made and the dichotomy of leadership.

About Jocko Willink:

John Gretton Willink is an American podcaster, author, and retired United States Navy SEAL. He received the Silver Star and Bronze Star for his service in the Iraq War.


Valuetainment says:

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Miguel Cruz says:

Great interview!

Charalampos Mitakos says:

The balance is as follows : " Relations between leader and subordinate – employee is like the relationship you have with FIRE, you get too close you burn, you get too far away you get cold" Learned that in Greek army from my commanding officer

chuck havens says:

Both you guys are awesome and an inspiration !

Matt Liebherr says:

Same thing happens with most SF selections. The bad ass muscle shirt dude quits week 1, the skinny, nerdy guy is one of 10 to pass out of 130 applicants.

Looks means nothing. Quite literally all in the mind.

RIchard Davidson says:

I played soldiers when I was a kids. Became a cop, motor cycle, Motor and foot patrol. Love the job and it was a Adrenalin rush every day. You have to love it.

Tim Z says:

I've led troops, civilians and contractors in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He's 100% spot on with leadership and how to handle certain situations. Watching this has really opened my eyes. There were many things I got right, while others I wish I could take back. The only thing we can do is learn from the past. If you don't learn from your mistakes or give up, you fail. The only time you fail is when you give up trying.


I think I'll get along with Jocko

Jacob Berry says:

A whole lot of humbleness would solve a lot of problems.

Francis Haden says:

It's kinda sad that some of this is so obvious but so blind in a populous society. Leadership is NOT the same as management

jakedizzle says:

He’s the human Thanos. Everything balanced as it should be.

Callum Lomax says:

What a man. Learning so much

Raymint says:

These men are on fire.

project691 says:

Pat, you should try get ex Delta Force operator Dale Comstock on your show. I heard him on another interview and he is amazing and an inspiration.

Sean Southwick says:

This guy is a terrible interviewer

Xavier Williams says:


Uso Bad says:

7:21 lmaoooooooo

Adam Brake says:

This is one badass motherfucker…in business and in war… this is one of the best most honest and forward interviews… wow…

amir atefehdar says:

This guy should class Trump..

Jerry Smith says:

These two articulate excellent, great understanding. Leaders, an understatement here. History punctuates it.

Frank McGrath says:

David Goggins Please!

Monte says:

Jacko is a beast of a man. He is the the REAL Rambo. I absolutely love his message. And he has me in a phase that I am studying military leaders and combat stories. Every military person that is an author Jacko mentions I buy there book. God Bless our vets.
Patrick-1 of your best interviews.
Listen to Jacko's Podcast.

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