Businesses That Are Doomed In 2020

Businesses That Are Doomed In 2020

In 2020 (and now) alot of businesses are going to start declining as the “digital” marketing wave that started around the rise of Clickfunnels comes to a close in exchange for a “specialization” wave or “best in market” wave that is coming.

If you know how to avoid this you are going to have a massive advantage in business. If you are looking to start a business, make money online or become an entrepreneur (or are already) this will be essential.


Alex Becker's Channel says:

1. What do you think of my step ladder?…..If you don't leave a comment. It's okay. I used to be left speechless too by such displays of power and wealth. 2. BE SURE to subscribe, hit notify and like so that the algorithm HAMMERS you when we go live for a few hours on weekends. I don't leave the replays up and the stuff I share live is…purdy neat…There's a good chance YT won't notify you unless you're hyper subbed.

Rob Massopust says:

Just saved me a boatload of pain, When is the next video! Thanks Man

Hazz Saeed Haris says:

Well explained. Thank you

OriginalKarasu says:

want an easy business? 2 words hookers and coke… breakfast of champs xD

OriginalKarasu says:

here is a serious idea. y dont we get rid of prisons and put prisoners in every american house hold in home arrest πŸ™‚ just build a cage at home with a toilet and shower and feed the prick twice a day… save billions in taxes and the gov pays u to run a solitary prison at home πŸ™‚ brilliant isnt it? i came up with that on my own πŸ™‚

Idea Headed says:

lol…dude don't let this stop you from going and copying something and making it better… a few extra duckets is a few extra duckets period.

Enkhtur Dashdorj says:

Alex , try to talk with someone like me who have just intermediate English . If I will undersdant you, you will have 10X more viewers. YOu are talking to quick and no feedback.

Alexander Cooper says:

what about the personal development niche what room or things should I focus and target

Theo Rivera says:

It never fails… It takes no more than 15-30 seconds into one of your videos and I'm already dying laughing.

Follow Coach Dave says:

Great video. As always!

Dave Wilson says:

I would rather just stay a man baby.

Driven Digital Marketing says:

I can do this Becker.. Yellow Lambo was a nope! Keep em coming like this bro

Millennial Academy says:

I feel like commenting on this page make all of us one step more WOKE !

Millennial Academy says:

I'm so happy for this channel and it's comments.

Millennial Academy says:

I heard pediatrician and fan remote…

Twin Turbo says:

Please DON"T DO WHAT GRANT CARDONE OR DAN PENA does by showing off / bragging your material goods, it's a major no.

Rodrick Hayes says:

Guy lives like Lisbeth Solander! ??

The Lost King says:

Jesus, Becker. Can’t you just cut out that alien shit at the end

MrGluepower says:

Great channel, but I think you are connecting dots where there are none. The advantage of the second mover is that it is less money but also fewer risks. Your competitive advantage can be simply halving the price while offering same service. You are successful but I think you are wrong about things you believe made you successful. Before you make another video giving advice I would suggest working inwards and deeply examine if things you talk about have anything to do with your success or believing those things make you feel good about yourself. A lot of successful people lack capacity to investigate what makes them successful but nevertheless, they go out and make assertions that they know what those traits are. What makes you so confident that you are correct about things you identified as key things that made you successful? How would you know if you are wrong?

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