5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Making Millions

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Making Millions

When your first business takes off is the EXACT moment you should be the most afraid. Most new millionaires fall into these mistakes and they are SUPER subtle.

Heed my warning, these sneaky problems will come for you and your business. You will not see them or even be aware of them until years after falling into them as well.


Garrett Bennicas says:

First rule of Woke Club….

Gabriel Preda says:

As always Alex delivers bigly! If only more people would follow him and his advice and the advice of others like Gion Pater who actually do give a damn about those out there still struggling…

Ruth Molina says:

One should put one's ego in the back pocket if you are rich. That is what causes problems. I am going to finally stop with procrastinating and not spend my days listening to gurus and fake webinars. Where everyone has his hand in my empty pocket. I like that you are able to see the truth about yourself. And you are funny too. If I don't make a million dollars this year I am going to continue sleeping on my mattress, because I'm woke too.

eirik arnesen says:

there is only 1 problem with becker. he is still dumb money. he forgets the most important thing. the economic cycles. sometimes, you dont go down because of your own mistakes, sometimes, you go down because the cycle is over. he will become smart money, but for that to happen, he must experience a true downturn. unfortunately for everyone here. our current cycle. will be going down for 20 years. if anyone reads this. find a new field, that is moving very quickly. go down with it as it goes down. until you have learned the cycle, you can not properly predict the future. (going minimalist. and "woke" is what you do at the top of the bubble, right before it all goes to hell. if you did something wrong or not. the cycle is all about getting rid of the worthless companies, and everything will go down, to make sure they are gone. good or bad. the good survive, the bad dont. if you went minimalst, you did it correctly. if you keept your lambo, you did it wrong)

Dontrez says:

Dangit! I just subscribed to a guy with 1550 Subs……DEFINITELY not #1.

Harris DeMarco says:

Solid advice man, as usual.

FireStarter says:

Alex: standing in a 30th floor store room
Also Alex: let me.advise you on how to run your business.

I like listening to him because to me he is like a comedian. There you go Alex. Become a comedian. You are welcome.

Momma Knows Bestest says:

Can you do a video on using YouTube ad to promote business?

Mike Holman says:

Good video, No time is late to start making money, my investment in forex trading Yields huge profits for me weekly with expert guidance of Mr Dwight Cleansmann. I'm lucky i met him earlier. He's God's sent.

Crypto Rage says:

First rule of Woke club have a Lambo in yo garage :D!

JK 47 says:

Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys would prob spend his first Mil on some more shopping carts…

Scott Hurtado says:

You're such a badass dude. Love it!

Captain Awesome says:

…I actually feel like Alex Becker is an honest person.

okthennone says:

Yes. 25% there. One more zero is my nest egg.

Roman Sidiropoulos says:

1 thing i wish i knew when i was born. Important things are not really important.

Houssam Zak says:

This man is the real deal !!!

Chris Michael - Top Make Money Ideas . com says:

love all your videos bro!!

Oscarlito Beats says:

A genius simple a that

Ginger Love says:

I don't think you're stupid as you mentioned in this video. I come to your channel because you are the only person that I have found on youtube that offers solid business advice and knows what he is talking about. Everyone else just pretends and bullshits. Bullshit isn't going to help me. But alot of your videos to help me. So thank you.

Steve Sinner says:

You own a dark heart, dude.

Ana Samson says:

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