Build An Automated Online Business – In 3 Simple Steps…

Build An Automated Online Business – In 3 Simple Steps…

This video is about how to build an automated online business. Inside I will talk to you about something I call key leverage points and this is what really creates that automation. When you’re done, you will have an automated online business system that will bring in revenue for you whether you are there working or not.


Marlon Johnson says:

Hi Aaron, Awesome as usual?
I guess it doesn't apply to Ecommerce drop shipping?

My nephew has built a online business drop shipping high ticket products and is doing quite well.

His last Facebook ad campaign he was able to scale it to 100k.

Facebook has rewarded him with an exclusive passive income offer.

He doesn't do video with his customers.

I think though, if he did
build a relationship with them by mastering video his conversions would be higher.


Sachin Kumar says:

Dear Aaron ?
I like the video strategy. .. i would like to know…. is it benefits if i will develope Digital Marketing courses and publish them on youtube. .. is they give me leads sales and income✔
Pl guide me

Terrance E. Stock says:

Automation and videos are essential of course however don’t miss the opportunity to develop relationships organically with individuals and groups as well. Word of mouth is a powerful tool.

Sydix says:

So I just have to make videos on youtube that provide value and make a good sales funnel???

Dennis Tchen says:

Hey Aaron!!! I am grabbing Content Samurai to create Youtube videos. Gurus are don't know shit, always selling. Money is in the list, you are correct!!! People buy from a person they know, like and trust.

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