Money, luxury and fame – the new super-rich of India | DW Documentary

Only the US and China currently have more billionaires than India. Some of them are as famous as pop stars and enjoy similar adulation.

Their social media accounts have millions of followers – in a country where more than half the population lives below the poverty line and has no electricity or fresh water. India’s super-rich have been dubbed the “new maharajas.” The sources of their seemingly unlimited wealth are almost as varied as their values and lifestyles.

23-old Evan Luthra uses his father’s seed capital to invest in new ideas in the software industry. He loves luxury, meets the young moneyed elite in fashionable destinations around the world, and is active on all the social networks.

Abhimanyu Alsisar, nephew of the Maharajah of Jaipur, runs a chain of luxury hotels in the ancient palaces of India and invests in music events.

Kalpana Saroj comes from the lowest caste in India and has worked her way up from destitution to become a multimillionaire – but she never forgets her background, and helps impoverished farmers in her homeland with medical care and gifts of money.

Vijay Mallya even bought his own Formula 1 racing team, but faces a long prison sentence for fraudulent bankruptcy and tax evasion should he return to India.

The documentary is the result of six months of investigative research and offers a deep insight into the everyday and professional lives of India’s super-rich.


DW Documentary says:

The translation at 4´12 is wrong. The correct translation is: "I struggled to get this position". We are sorry for the mistake. Thanks to attentive users like Sanat Pitale, Aman Namdar and others. Stay tuned & help us getting better

casey jason says:

Queen Kapna
The Real

SuperKam says:

There’s a spoiled millionaire who can’t think of anyone besides him, then there’s a self made millionaire paying it forward….

Paco Hantos says:

between a burning world, they are going to make parties on the head of the little and animal ones!
But their houses are not burning right? I think that the firerescuers are first at their home and then in the DSCHUNGEL!
If I am wrong and anyone has a proof against this, then please correct me!

manjrajput a says:

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In India the rich are getting richer

Aspect Memes says:

The entrepreneur is a corrupted worker who uses the tactics of his oppressor to join their ranks in oppressing his former comrades, the worker.

Abhijit Jacob says:

Gautam Singhania removed his dad from the estate he inherited after he got ownership. The old man was begging on the footpath and could not hire lawyer to claim support. Malya inherited the empire and did a kamikaze with the lenders money before fleeing the country for good.

Evan Luthra does not have a single app that I know to his credit. Buying app companies just like expensive phones is not really a skill!

Maharaja Abhimanyu, Maharaja of Mysore, Bhopal etc. are rich even today because their grandfathers agreed to loot their sujects to abject peverty and pay protection money to British. All the princely states that fought British for their people are no where today.

No one knows descendants of Sardar Patel but everyone knows the descendants of Nehru

sai ram says:

whatever you say about this guys,but atleast thispeople made this by themselves,may be everyone in india will make good earning and no one will sleep hungry,we are still developing but we indians made on our own. we dont get any foreign help we have no technology or oil well like saudi arabia we know how to survive,imagine if their was no oil field in saudi arabia,uae they will probably be doing ragpicking,,and getting un donation to survive

alan gallop says:

I love the true Indian people.. but unfortunately most of the true Indian people are the poor people of India.. these rich Indian people really discust me.. they are just like the Rich people in the rest of the world.. they only care about thier own greed… for more money… they don't care about other people… they are lost in thier souls..

Anbarasan Elango says:

24:22 is it moral?

SUNNY Chowdary says:

They don’t have to pay for photographers, cuz their wedding’s a documentary ?

321shack says:

These people are just more fortunate.

Asad Ibn Ahmad says:

Why she just saying history …

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