Why are startups leaving Silicon Valley?

Why are startups leaving Silicon Valley?

With the rise of global digital nomads, some entrepreneurs are extending funds by moving to less expensive places around the world. Uptin Saiidi reports.


MangoPlayz says:

Surrounding yourself with big people makes you big… so thats why you should choose Silicon Valley

Arturo García says:

Where is the designer, in Germany or in France?

lostinmuzak says:

Ha. Easy said than done. Startup need people and the right echo system. Same as you you can’t grow a plant anywhere you like.

s vs says:

1.6$ for coconut is too much, they should come to kerala



measl says:

We have learned the hard way (over the last 30 years) that this zero-supervision "global" model is more likely to result in failure than success with startups. Once small companies are established, this model works if implemented carefully, but during the startup phase, going to the midwest is a far better choice.

As for the argument that "tech is dependent on immigration to get the best talent" – this is utter bullshit. Silicon Valley uses immigration to lower costs of talent, at the expense of the country of origin (the USA), and the entire HB system should be dismantled.

Fail Zero says:

No shit they're in Beijing, they're from China.

james dean says:

200usd per month for a coworkingspace lol. What a ripoff. Thats more than the avg national monthly income

Mike Garcia says:

0_o You love it so much why don't you retire & move there? 0_0/* I vote MOVE!

Dhruva Shah says:

Your designer is in Germany

highlights France*

RD4590 says:

Welcome to Shenzhen.

golong son says:

Give white man some drugs and prostitutes they are happy. They are extracting $20 trillion in nature every year from their occupied land. Let them just be lazy and make it heaven here in their life time. Show them in Média that they are very important.

golong son says:

India and China is the way to go. Forget about Bali or Singapore

randy scott says:

It's not "runway" . It's, " Run away " . As in , "Run away from the failed California democrat policies as fast as you can " .

Ashila Nafisaputri says:

i stopped watching when he said bali is a random island in Indonesia. lmaoo

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