Why is India’s growth slowing?

Why is India’s growth slowing?

India is one of the world’s fastest growing large economies, sometimes being touted as a potential economic and geopolitical counterweight to China. Recently, however, its growth fell to its slowest pace in six years. So what’s causing this slowdown, and how can it be reversed? CNBC’s Tom Chitty explains.


fahad Bin taher says:

India deserve this…bcuz they've vote for modi madarchod

MOZGI baby says:

THANKS TO COW MODI….India will be Afghanistan … proud of u modi

Ashu kumar says:

We and all most every indian family think only a government job and a beautiful wife…..
Rest does not matter….

Himanshu Gautam says:

Will make India 5 trillion economy so that we get permanent seats in UNSC . Current is 3.03 trillion ?.

mohammed nazim says:

In the first term of BJP govt, they realised that they can't make economy better especially after giving out "masterstrokes" like democratization, GST and other banking scams. So, they started distracting ppl with unimportant issues like communal politics, Pakistan and "Hindu khatre me hai". Just to get votes from majority Hindus. And sadly, we all fell for it.

Ariz Ozil says:

Because of unstable politics,lack of unity with their own people

Harry Gill says:

War of thoughts at YouTube ?

Agatha Szecki says:

India Superpoower 2050

robin mukherjee says:

Why not our government adopt Laissez-Faire system in India?

Fact'sFriend 4 says:

Indian gov. didn't accept initially that problem exists ?

Nilesh Kumar says:

India's whole attention now is how to become a religious Hindu fundamentalist nation under communal Modi government… Just across border in Bangladesh their PM is trying hard to counter Islamic fundamentalism and seek progress in which she seem be doing good by far.


Problem of india is lack of understanding between various states and union territories…. govts of each state have different ways of thinking… Some of them are best performing and others were laggards…. If the centre govt is biased towards certain states then other states get tempered thus no progress will happen….

Nag Arjun says:

The world has understood…hope our tuglak understands

Anil Bhat says:

We are busy in hindu muslim conflict and we dont give a shit about our economy going down.

juntun741 says:

It's happening because it's ruled by idiots . People may not agree but it is the truth

Harjyot Singh says:

Jus because of bloody modi

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