Will India become an economic superpower?

Will India become an economic superpower?

Many have compared India with China and many have called it an emerging superpower. This is 2018. Is Indian economy really unstoppable?


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Tushar says:

Thank you, your videos give me hope that despite all of our short-comings, we are on right path to redevelopment.

Executive Order says:

you have made me proud and raised my self esteem to be an Indian watching your videos thank you

Duetheesh RK says:

I also Sugest to do a research on the ancient culture of Aseevaham……. From the lost continent kumarikandan. Now called as lumeria. Between south Indian, Australia and Madagascar.

And relate to the invasion of many other tribes or groups. Overall a 5-10 thousand years of civilization and various reasons it was destroyed…… Unfortunately left evidence for us one is Keeladi excavation and siddha caves .

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I am very happy and i support your work

Mr. Tik Tok says:

Korolina sister you are great.
Thank you sister for showing new india.
Love you ❤️
God bless you ?

Ankit Singh says:

modi government is not doing enough for india to be economically developed by 2025 we need someone like kejriwal to become developed modi is not the person of his words .

Orissa Mizar says:

Thank you my dearest sister Karolina from Peru… great your work, great channel…

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i personaly apriciate your work. when i can make contact with you. i am sure i will be part of your work. i also contribute some …from my side. but when i got oportunity to meet with you . if you come at gujarat than pls mail me. vijaytransme@gmail.com . thank you karalona …for suport indian culture and make awareness about actual strength of INDIA. JAY HIND

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Hi my name is Vijay i keep watching all your videos, I like to know something about u. If anyone ask u which country u belongs to means u will going to say Poland or India?

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अब दुनिया में Rupay चलेगा डालर नहीं – कल्कि अवतार

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