India is Reclaiming | Super Poor to Superpower | Karolina Goswami

India is Reclaiming | Super Poor to Superpower | Karolina Goswami

On 21 January, 2019, an article released by PWC-India stated that in 2019, India would overtake the UK to become the fifth largest economy (in nominal terms). India has arrived to the world’s centerstage. What does it mean for us?


India In Details says:

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Yash Thakur says:

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Balvinder Batth says:

India preserves the culture, ethics and development.

Valsan Navakode says:

We are helping others without expecting nothing from others unlike other nations exploiting everyone and boasting they are good… thank God for such a mission taken respectfully by heart. Thanks Karolina for exposing the goodness of Hindusthan means INDIA

Chander Advani says:

Those who have given a thumbs down must be those egoists who are living mentally still in the 18th century.

Ramesh Dewasi says:

I love my bharat

Navin Chotalia says:

Though India was poor but Indians were Rich

Devraj kundapur says:

Superb much informative video for all.. ?

Chandan Mehra says:

Very nice news

Krishna Pillai says:

Thanks. You bring awareness to us.

Pradeep Kumar says:

My brother my sister children's welcome to India and life enjoy the life life enjoy karo Mera Bharat Mata Ki Jai Jay Jawan Jay Kisan

Hardev Singh says:

Our youth need to focus a lot on our country's development ….. Our youth will make india a nation with friends without any racist thoughts having equality for all … Thank you so much for defending our india from hate from other countries

Tushar says:

Very well spoken, thank you Karolina Goswami.

Manglam kumar says:

India is such that anyone who knows about it would fall in love with it.

Shivam Patel says:

in 2030-35 India will be ultimate power

vinay khandayit says:

Thanks a lot mam.. ?


Really Karolina mam … are really practical …

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