"Pop-Up" Cabin Designed to be Built in a Single Day

"Pop-Up" Cabin Designed to be Built in a Single Day

We built a lightweight DIY cabin that is designed to fit together in a single day. This makes it a great low-cost option for those wanting to build their very own cabin, especially in remote areas where it is difficult to haul in heavy materials.

We used a snowmobile to transport our cabin materials to the build site, where we assembled them. Our building materials consisted of: barn boards, 2″x4″ lumber, cedar strapping, tarp, vapor barrier plastic, and screws.

We built the cabin upon 3 small cedar logs, which came from a nearby fallen tree.


AstralTraveler says:

Really brilliant design. Very well thought-out for the DIY-er. I would think it would be simple to put a set of plans together to more readily communicate, to the novice builder, just how one could construct a cabin like this on their own. A materials list and a cut-list would be s-o-o-o helpful for the un-initiated in home construction. Folks with an interest in building a project like this would be happy to purchase a set of simple plans along the lines of what I just described. Thanks for the video and for sharing.

ry fe says:

Plastic sheet on wood?, hello rot and condensation

linda austin-morin says:

I worry about the snow load on the roof

Ty Mesgale says:

Why? Build this on your own property.

Laura Tibbles says:

Great little cabin shelter

Pinoy sa Japan says:

Here I am" wow simple but amazing"you are impressed sir

jasonx409able says:

That is freaking neat!!! I subscribe right away!!!!

Shieron2468 says:

Way cool!!!

Marcio Salcog says:

Simples e chique .

Rhonda Rich says:

excellent! You all just made yourselves rich!

Mxrider21 says:

How many boards did you end up using on the whole cabin

Marvell GDM says:

I understand why you put a tarp up but it’s so nice it needs a proper roof you do amaze me keep up the good work and thanks for sharing

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