What it really means to be ‘Made in China’

What it really means to be ‘Made in China’

What does it mean to be ‘Made in China?’ As supply chains grow increasingly global, the answer is rarely simple. CNBC’s Uptin Saiidi reports from the world’s two largest economies.



Where was Youtube made?

Made in china

Avijit Basak says:

World says ””no more– Made in China'”

MB Channel says:

he said she shit lmao 0:34

Enrique Atentar says:

Mark of the Super Beast.

J W says:

actually the thing is not only about cheap labour, but also the whole supply chain and human resources. China invested lots of money in public universities to train up lots of engineers or professionals….

Ajay krishnan says:

I’ll not buy anything which is made in China

Zeta Jolyne says:

Not just money, people also a reason.

In Vietnam & SE Asia workers' payment even lower but most of them are not skilled and educated enough. ( Vietnam is sorts better as a socialism country )

China has the largest basic & manufacturing skills & engineering education system for youths funded by the government. Companies can easily recruit skilled workers and engineers with simple instructions and running in. Young men won't worry for jobs and companies won't worry for workers that's win-win. Not like other developing countries you need to educate new employees and it will make many hidden costs.

I wonder that where the hell education system in America is? John Hopkins is in Baltimore but what about the city herself? U know, Baltimore!

Jingpeng Xu says:

Nearly every cousin (cousins of cousins) I have are majoring in Engineering and they study in China.

LANA AVA says:

Imported products = cost more (because it’s imported from another location)
Domestic products = cost less (because it’s local)

archer65 says:

Business is all about money, most mfg went gaga on China coz' of cheap labor, why blame China then? Blame your own US businessman and CEO and gov't. for leaving it's citizen dry. American consumer wants very good quality, but always forget quality commands price, just like good quality good labor, good labor good salary.

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