Is a global debt crisis coming?

Is a global debt crisis coming?

Total worldwide debt is expected to continue growing over the coming months, despite having just climbed to a fresh all-time high. Given the three previous waves of global debt accumulation have all ended with financial crises, CNBC’s Sam Meredith takes a look at the risks associated with the latest build-up.


Hashibul Kowshik says:

?? will always find a way to increase the budget of its military. Go Space Force.

Andras Libal says:

Debt is never meant to be repaid it just means a higher interest rate paid to banks on loans. They can do debt forgiveness once it reaches a system breaking level. Once you understand that this is all just a regulation mechanism you stop worrying about it. A smart parasite does not kill the host and bankers are smart parasites.

pollo asado says:

thats the real wave evil whit goverment

Al TheOne says:

Reporters and news station 90% of your’s need to be shot and pissed on

Martin B says:

Government: imposes regulations on how houses can legally be built, forcing you to hire specialists and use expensive construction materials, instead of allowing you to build it yourself using sticks and mud like we used to do for centuries.

Also government: stop borrowing money to build houses!

Martin B says:

In short: we need to start growing our own potatoes.

Justin Griffin says:

He forgot to mention who benefit from a global crash, and he forgot to mention that the central bank psychopathic satanists print money from nothing…what a scam.

Mark East says:

just delete it.

Cobra Commander says:

Its here C-19 whats a cover up

newenergyspiritual says:

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David Renwick says:

I think I'll kill myself.

tom nicholas American historian says:

waste of time

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