Why is the dollar so powerful?

Why is the dollar so powerful?

For more than seven decades, the United States dollar has been the world’s reserve currency, with a majority of international transactions using the greenback. CNBC’s Uptin Saiidi explains how it became so strong and explores whether its position could be threatened.


Steve Laurent says:

Canadian dollar sucks!!!

The H*nkening says:

This feels like the beginning of the end of something.

Lamine Am says:

Let me correct you the dollar was powerful when It was money but since the Nickson shock it became a currency lost 80% of its purchasing power so sorry that's was In the past

Ay Bello says:

You gotta put a background music next time and effects

Sreeprasad shetty says:

Bitcoin are you kidding !….what's basis for bitcoin?….

Amer Darwich says:

because the world followed dollar , and made it more power than before.. no matter what dollar still leads so far..

olec accra says:

Dollar is good, trump is bad

Deg Lado says:

A truly global reserve currency cannot and should not have unfair advantage to any single country and is the primary cause of global imbalance.

Yeo Wee Huat Huat says:

Time to let go of USA dollar

rohan patel says:

And bitcoins are valued in $$$$. Hail $$

AcidBot66 says:

America has proved to be arrogant, selfish, war prone and its pursuit for world dominance at any cost a real disgrace for humankind.
An increasing number of nations are avoiding the American currency as America's global influence decays incessantly.
Trump may well be the best thing to happen to humanity since the KT Event that killed the Dinosaurs 65 million years ago.
The world is in a very solid path to do away with selfish Self Proclaimed Exceptional America without having to fire a single shot.

Pakorn P. says:

not for long

Leon Lapide says:

Bitcoin is delusional. Dont promote it

termita358 says:

What a great idea!!! Yeah!! Let's tie the world economy to the Chinese currency, a communist dictatorship that answers to no one , with all the books closed and that has killed 200 million of their own people. What could go wrong???? EVERYTHING!!!

B. W says:

Yesterday was strong, today is a just a monopoly money.

Evil dollar, has been manipulating from the begining…

Welcome to the new world soon for a better world.

Honeymoon is over….


Because Atomic Bombs, that’s why

Imlooking 4-work-atm says:

Dollar is finished

JazlDazl says:

It seems paper money is a con

franwex says:

Reason is because it is surprisingly stable compared to other currencies. It’s basically like a Swiss Franc, but there are a lot more dollars available and more easy to get.

Ron Rogers says:

It’s because the USA is the largest, most stable economy in the world because of the people of the US. We are the most dedicated workers and generous people in history despite leaving the gold standard.

AKEWSD says:

Because US has the best liar

Anoop Lakra says:

soon dollar will be garbage

Arshh khan says:


d3r3kyasmar says:

The video didnt really answer the question…

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