Le Pen party tipped for Euro election victory over ‘failing’ Macron

Le Pen party tipped for Euro election victory over ‘failing’ Macron

Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally (RN) will win the most votes in the European
election in France, exit polls predict — an upset for the centrist President Macron.


Scotland1908 says:

Far right ??….people with decency and common sense.



MacKenziePoet.com says:

She did it!

Professor Moriarty says:

Marine Le Pen, celebrates a massive win. Euronews. Everybody is called far right when they are not far wrong. I posted this on dissenter

kemal cemal says:

Europe turned to its roots again, and became a dangerous place

Anthony Dickinson says:

keep it simple. England is a soverign country. France is a soverign country. Germany is a soverign country. get out of the eu. Nationalism over Globalism. Freedom over slavery.

la mexicana says:

Marine Le Pen won European elections but she can't do anything she is not in power ! Now we could call her Marine the Pain ! ????????

Jann says:

Wooooooo from the USA! So exciting!

Erna Smith says:


flioink says:

Fun fact:
Marine Le Pen is 16 years younger than Macron's wife.
The French are weird.

Richard C says:

Now Germany your turn, get rid of that hag Angela Merkel

myfavs says:

Wonderful. Poor Macron. He will lose the next election. LePen will make him take off his expensive handmade shoes and silk socks, and stay barefoot in her kitchen. With his fancy business and tie still on.

Spring Lamb says:

Viva la FRANCE

Gjermund says:

A real woman that crushed a weak and pathetic man.

Don Worry says:

Macron refuses to negotiate or compromise. If someone cares about their country they will work for both sides.

Miguel De Zayas says:

La gran victoria de la DERECHA nos da esperanzas a todos los Americanos!!!

working2Bselfsufficient says:

But euro trash fake news is still calling her far right and macron a centrist. Hope that changes lying fake so called journalists.

Miguel De Zayas says:

Vive la republique and long live France!!!!

Miguel De Zayas says:

That's the leader France was waiting for!!!!

IamSpartacus says:

Le Pen is mightier than Macron

Steve says:

They ase to say that America's greatness was rooting in the fact that the American people would repeatedly elect politicians that made wrong desicisions but eventually would elect the ones that would make the right decisions. America has been through this again for decades. They finally elected someone that is willing to make the right decisions for the American people. The people of England, France, Germany, and many other European countries are finally going to follow in the American peoples footsteps. No longer will they follow the dictates of the US government or their own out of touch governments. Freedom for all.

Destiny tran says:

Viva Le Pen

Destiny tran says:

Viva Le Pen

Too'`'/ says:

Right arm High. ○

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