Migrant Detention Center Called ‘Concentration Camp’ and ‘Human Dog Pound’

Migrant Detention Center Called ‘Concentration Camp’ and ‘Human Dog Pound’

In US news and Trump administration news, historian and professor Dr. Neal Rosendorf and Rep. Veronica Escobar visited an immigration detention camp in El Paso Texas and reported back on its state in this NowThis News video. Rosendorf compared the migrant detention center to concentration camps and called it a ‘human dog pound.’ The immigration border crisis at the southern border has been a human rights watch issue with many deriding these detention camps. USA government officials and politicians are working out a strategy to deal with the growing issue.


Logical Conservative says:

Alexandria Cortez cheered when she was able to prevent the kids from getting beds so they woulnd't have to sleep on the floor.

Jay H. says:

Sad what today's Communist Democrat Party will do to manipulate people to feel compassionate to illegal aliens who will eventually overrun the US, changing the body politic, so that all will be indebted to the Communist Party and the US becomes another Soviet style failed state.
Communism/Socialism always fails. Fails into a totalitarian, despotic one party Nation, with secret police, etc. etc. We are already watching that happen with 'political correctness"

Louis Rosenberg says:

Private prisons are destroying this country. These are concentration camps.

Brittany Johnson says:

I can't believe this primitive behavior is how this country thinks we will ever be able to take that next step. Wtf is wrong with everyone? Shouldn't we learn from history? This is not how we should treat each other. How about getting rid of all the 100% sure pedofiles, rapists, and cold blooded murderers we are keeping comfy and well taken care of either in jail or in their own freaking homes. Then dedicate all those gained resources to helping PEOPLE who actually need it. So many other ways, there is no excuse for this inhuman treatment in freaking 2019. Catch up humans.

Anne Elizabeth says:

But what can we do about it?

Allen Hitchens says:

These videos never mention these migrants were offered asylum and work in Mexico but instead traveled all they way across that country into America for some reason… hmmm.

I see you says:

This mess is of Trump's doing, makes me ashamed of being a American. When I see us treating any human beings this way, why did fight WW11. He's no better than Hitler. Genicide is genicide

gorams csu says:

Being Ameican is starting to feel dirty.

Average Joe says:

Come legally this won’t happen kids

Rockin Inthe says:

All migrants/refugees NOW have 164 countries, of THEIR CHOICE, they have been given the authority to apply for asylum + benefits in all 164 countries! In Dec. 2018, all of these countries CHOSE to sign the UN migrant/refugee pacts, and created a multilateral partnership to care for all migrants/refugees, and to SHARE the financial/physical burden of providing PROPER care for migrants/refugees in all participating countries! All of these migrants/refugees KNOW about these pacts and KNOW that the USA is NOT a participating country, but still CHOOSE to force their way into a non participating country! ALL of these migrants /refugees have 164 other LEGAL options/offers, NONE of them had to force their way into this country to receive help! The USA did not sign these pacts and is in NO WAY prepared to have hundreds of thousands of migrants/refugees illegally entering and overwhelming this country!  All these people are KNOWINGLY CHOOSING to "unnecessarily'  break US law to make "asylum" claims in THIS country! Mexico has been approved by the UN as a SAFE country to receive migrants/refugees in need of asylum, and when signing these UN pacts with 163 other countries, they have agreed to take these people into MEXICO and provide REFUGEES in need with asylum and benefits, such as protection, employment opportunities, job training, housing, free medical care, free education for all children(under18) etc. Mexico made this partnership with 163 OTHER countries, NOT with the USA! This is a NEW deal that was made in 2018 for ALL migrants/refugees in NEED of asylum!  If Mexico does not have enough room or proper facilities for all of these people, they NOW have the authority to make arrangements for these migrants/refugees to be transported to any of the other 163 participating countries, of the migrants/refugees CHOICE, that has agreed to take them in! The USA is NOT one of those choices! Any migrant/refugee that wants to apply for asylum in the USA should be doing so the LEGAL way, there is NO EXCUSE for any of these people to be ILLEGALLY forcing their way into this country, and OVERWHELMING the US asylum system with unnecessary asylum claims!

Audriano Gotyè Jr. says:

I trust an illegal Mexican in this country more than I do a con-artist “President” that is basically hurling our planet into severe global warming.

Rolando Bustillo says:

dude come on! they are humans this needs to stop!

bluebloodbc says:


kevin johnson says:

Send them back

Patrick Lloyd says:

It's one thing to detain people for months over a misdemeanor, it's another thing entirely for the government to enact a subliminal campaign of dehumanization while keeping the migrants in inhumane conditions and separating families, then losing track of those families and causing a few resultant deaths. There are many ways to handle the crisis and cooperate without escalating the situation. I fear the entire thing is a deliberate attempt to send a political message.

GR33N Alpha says:

Bruh the United States doesn’t want anymore Mexicans entering the country. The problems occur in Mexico not in the United States we don’t have to deal with it it’s not our country. And letting them enter into our country is going to make it just like Mexico

perrine jahlove says:

His evil is apparant and the cruelty has won support from his base. Great for who??

Caroline Dickerson says:

this makes me want to cry.

Alabama Mothman says:

Then stop inviting them if you dont like the conditions. Stop colluding with mexican cartels to bring them here if you dont like the conditions. Stop profiting from mexican cartels to bring them here if you dont like the conditions. Just PLEASE STOP if you dont like the conditions. This is ALL your doing.

Bryan Guerra says:

No one is criminalizing no one! That’s where people usually go when being processed. This isn’t a 3rd world country. We can’t just let people walk in to our back yards without knowing who they are. The reason they are over populated is because immigrants are coming in by thousands. But what kind of action is Veronica doing in El Paso? You come down to El Paso and juarez and the residents don’t want them here. We have our problems to take care of. And don’t forget who built these detention facilities. And who’s idea it was to separate families. Stop using these people as bate to win over votes. These are real people with real problems.

Sam Bradley says:

Trump is a Fascist as well as a Dictator, granted he didn't start the practice, but he grossly exacerbated it. ?

Sam Bradley says:

It is another blight in our long history. ?

Sam Bradley says:

It is a Concentration Camp. According to all definitions, a Concentration Camp is where a group of people are held (or concentrated ) because they are either political prisoners, held for the purposes that they pose a "threat " to the state, sometimes due to racism, xenophobia, etc. It is different from a "Death Camp " which is what the camps in Germany & other occupied countries became after the "Final Solution " was decided at the Wanasee Conference in 1942.?

Jethro Black says:

I can't emphasize enough how Trump is the next coming of Hitler. He's targeting every single "minority" he can for his ideal world. LGBT, Mexicans, women, etc. How long is it going to take for America to wake up and throw this guy in prison?

jacen cade says:

See why we call you deplorable now

Vic Chavez says:

How many European illegals are in those camps?

Non ya says:

We are sick of these illegal leeches. The U.S. does not need any more 3rd world uneducated or ignorant people. Arrest and deport all illegal aliens. Enough of this insanity.

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