Universal Credit: Claimants targeted in multi-million pound scam – BBC News

Universal Credit: Claimants targeted in multi-million pound scam – BBC News

It’s feared that tens of millions of pounds of public money has been lost to fraudsters who are targeting the British government’s Universal Credit benefits system.

The BBC has learnt that the scammers often pretend to be from the local Job Centre. They offer to get money on behalf of claimants in return for a fee.

Their victims often only realise they’ve been duped when their current benefits stop, they’re left in debt and have to repay the money to the Government.


Joe dee says:

Claimants must be less gullible and more wary of unsolicited offers of money or help to get money.

lloyd evans says:

More than likely i been scammed you never no there maybe a smooth oprater may be under investigation but then again there is a red light on my district estates
Nice to feel save in my own home but its not my home its rented but i offen wonder what tenancy agreement says i underline anti social behaviour for you i hope I'm allowed to cut my carrots.

anglekan says:

Welfare people in England are so thin compared to Americans on welfare

jezzermeii says:

So… people who genuinely need Universal Credit struggle to apply for it, face long waiting times where no payments are received for two months, have to take emergency loans from the government whilst they wait for their first payment, receive less money than they did on their legacy benefits, and homelessness is rising…. but scammers have a relatively easy time? What the absolute fuck is going on? I don't receive any benefits whatsoever and never have needed to, but I'd like to think that I'd get the help I needed if I ever did. I've paid plenty into the system and so would expect that I'd get something back if I needed it. This is an absolute disgrace that there are loopholes in the system that scammers can exploit, whilst genuine claimants are struggling more than ever before. What a world we live in. Great Britain simply isn't great anymore, is it? I'm beginning to wonder if it ever was!

eartianfizz says:

A grand is a fortune to a person living paycheck to paycheck.

My Love says:

Britain is a shameful disgrace to justice by jailing the only brave man who brought attention to the muslim rape gangs.
The British government is full of cowards.

Kryptoid 121 says:

19 years old with 6 blind children LMAO.

Aurobindo Ghosh says:

bbc don't scam people like this

Moun Bakko says:

… all she can say is government wasting money?… that’s how educated and in command… governance… elected ones have become…

… the Brits have become a bunch of sorry people with leaders whose only education is copying American political language and style…. get serious… where is the great in Great Britain?

… sold to ameticans for a Few Dollars… no, sorry… sold for American favours.

Happy Hiker says:

Why anybody would believe them is a joke it like to me arresting a man cos he made a rape gang feel sad a man or women protecting they daughters and sons its shameful wait till its they children coss greed holds no pass people compliant drones follow the kack on google like a protesters guide and dont nottice David, Jullian, Tommy, & Trump, is trying to help and dont realise the biggest scandle is the one you see everyday I cant vote I claim nothing I live of the land it would kill me to vote but if I could I know where my vote would go.

Fani _v says:

Yes I agree

niir ahmed says:

even job center they are really stupid ,now gov make rules for rent flat 3 times rent {£800*3=£2400}should to be salary ,if you can't earn then apply for universal credit .

theldun1 says:

Looks like to me its an inside job. It was set-up purposely to make this type of fraud very easy therefor making the whole system weakened and to look bad.

chairshoe81 says:

if anyone knows the woman in the interview im sure the internet will help pay her debt through kickstarter or gofundme or something

Jeff Smith says:

Lmao, scam the liberals are taking kick backs. EuroTrash!

Aeronautical NIBBA says:

3:21 Why should the Government be held responsible for people being bone and can't be arsed to do their own checks on who is calling them 🤔

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