U.K.'s 50-Pound Note to Feature Enigma Code-Cracker Turing

U.K.'s 50-Pound Note to Feature Enigma Code-Cracker Turing

Jul.15 — Alan Turing, code breaker and father of artificial intelligence, was chosen from almost 1,000 eligible nominations from the field of science as the face of the U.K.’s new polymer 50-pound note. Bloomberg Opinion columnist Alex Webb has the details on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” Webb’s opinions are his own.



Adam KHAN says:

My choice would be Dorian Yates 6× MR OLYMPIA 1992-1997 / U CAN TAKE THAT 2 THE BANK💪

God says:

It’s the least Britain can do for that poor fucker. He was a titan in technology

Inyalabudbud Punjabbidaliwad says:

They couldn’t give a shit about the math. It’s the Homosexual’s manufactured outrage at the way faggots were treated in that era……as they try to sell the public a moral equivalency to the Jewish Holocaust, with “NeverAgain (will a fag suffer)”

Rose Karina says:

So sad people couldn't get past the fact that he was gay, really glad times have changed and he's finally getting the respect he deserves

timmo491 says:

Its about time Turing was recognised he was a true hero of the war.

White Man says:

Very surprised they did not put Adul Mohammad on the note.

Ford Prefect says:

The computer was called Colossus (not Goliath).
Also many people worked a Bletchley Park, it wasn't just Alan Turing although his contribution was highly important.

Gerard Comeau says:

What code ?
That the Zionist Jews control the world, and Moshiach is the Anti-Christ, and www. In Hebrew is 666 ?

Jake Santoyo says:

I thought they were talking bout enigma zone wars

H&SAnimations says:

Turing and his team were vital, it is a shame after helping bring down the nazi empire he was subject to chemical castration just for being gay. dude liked some dick, who gives a fuck, he just kicked the shit out of the nazis

Ducklord 881 says:

He cracked one of the hardest codes of all time, saved countless lives, then got tortured for being gay and killed himself

But hey, 50 pound note

Bill Christian says:

This silly "dog and pony" story is not relevant to the fact that putting a portrait of a person remembered as an early gay Brit on the country's 50 pound currency comes off a counterfeit….. What's that about? Maybe a better recognized face like S. Khan, B. Johnson or T. May would appear like genuine money and not dime store pretend junk. The face of British Royalty may have become unfavorable, but an unrecognizable person from the LGBTQ community doesn't represent the character of the nation's population. If the choice has to be explained to the public, that their currency now boast the sentiments of the pervasions of the Kingdom…..

A Macha says:

First IT lad to get on a bill. Considering the direction of the world, a lot more to come on bills and in leadership roles.

Tommy Pickels says:

That's not a black lesbian Tranny. Shame on these bigots.he mite of been gay but hes still a white Male. Shame

new reach says:

Anyway who uses 50 pound notes now , in the age of mobile wallets and cryptocurrencies. They have ostracized Turing even now!

Dan Fontaine says:

Give some credit to the Poles who gave the british a replica of the early enigma machine, that they had created with their code breaking, after Poland was invaded…

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