Pound In `Lose, Lose' Situation Amid Brexit Turmoil: Credit Agricole

Pound In `Lose, Lose' Situation Amid Brexit Turmoil: Credit Agricole

Sep.04 — Valentin Marinov, head of G-10 FX research and strategy at Credit Agricole, discusses the outlook for the pound after U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson lost his parliamentary majority and a general election looms amid a deepening Brexit turmoil. Marinov speaks on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe.”


Joe Duke says:

What does it matter what the pound is trading at? Obviously profiteers are following the same scheme of Nathaniel Rothschild because they lack the intelligence to creatively consider a moral option… raise the cash, buy out the leasehold, and pull England screaming and kicking… out of hock. But no no, that would be too risky, too costly, so screw the nation state, do the globalist 'thing'… dump Pounds and buy Yuans.

mr democracy says:

Its the undemocratic remoaner parliament v The will of the peoples democratic government.

Thanks to the 21 remoaner traitor rebel tory MP's the undemocratic parliament won which

now means that they have ruined our negotiating hand against the EU organisation which is stupid and just put a Marxist Corbyn in charge that is a major security risk to the country

john bolton says:

we are adding UK into the List of Currency Manipulators

Fire Man says:

Funny how the pound is in trouble when the UK is the only country that still has money in the EU. The rest are all broke from borrowing from Germany and building luxury holiday apartments instead of investing it in agriculture, natural resources and energy. Because tourism is the lazy man's way of working hey France, Spain, Greece etc etc etc? Now Germany is about to hit recession and the rest are in dept. Nah the pound will dip but will recover after Brexit. Its just propoganda and desperation

Rusty Shackleford says:

Elect clowns to run the show and…

ajay meena says:

I dont like england because thier forefather was world's greatest thief…… And probably world's biggest *sshole on earth…… Well at last i hope they admit this and return the wealth they looted

Joe Zyzyx says:

Soros is probably shorting the pound yet again.

Acac says:

Week pound hitting German exports had 16% tariff equivalent

NotMe Us says:

At least if they remained they'd have allies to rely on, America's special relationship is with Russia and north korea now

silver soulja says:

I can't stand the weak ass British. I hope there whole country gets taken over. What such push overs to even let their controllers even argue this shit. It's been voted on and settled. It's sick that the conquered people even stand for this. Oh yeah that's right. They aren't citizens s they are subjects because they have no means to fight against their government

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