Parliament returns – what next for Brexit? | Channel 4 News special broadcast

Parliament returns – what next for Brexit? | Channel 4 News special broadcast

Parliament is sitting again – against the will of the government – after the Supreme Court ruled that Boris Johnson’s attempt to suspend parliament was unlawful.

The Speaker said that the prorogation would be expunged from the record, and instead it would be recorded that the House had been adjourned.


Jeroen Geurtsen says:

So the opposition is scared for an election, the government is scared for a second referendum. As an outsider I think that the only way out of this mess is first a second referendum to deal with Brexit and second a election to deal with everything else.

Personally I thing the British population will never ever give Brexit a majority, so problem solved.

Maryam Dadar says:

So happy to hear the Speaker’s voice again! I love Bercow!!

Jasmine Luxemburg says:

Our government wallows in a pit of mendacity and hubris ! Enticed there by a narcissistic ignoramus glorifying in notoriety !

sara richardson says:

And they sacrificed Theresa May for this political midden. Disorder disorder. Shame shame shame

alex jervis says:

Supreme Court: A Blair Creation!
Why was it created?
The Judiciary ruling on the Political?
Bad Move!

NASACrooks says:

referendum now

Aussie Loads says:

Boris and trump must go to the same hair dresser lol

Louis Tracy says:

The reporter, Siman Brown(?) is jarringly bad; 'unpresidented' and 'even less options' rather than 'even fewer' are examples of poor English.

beebisbiasedbigtime says:

Parliament versus the people

dan112020 says:

Do not give up Boris, keep doing your thing. Why be a slave to the EU, such a corrupt organisation.

​ The EU has no market to sell their good except the UK, it
is like China is a producer and the producer have to sell their goods and that
is America, same with the EU and the UK. The EU wants to save face but the EU
is prepared to keep trading with the UK after the UK Brexit without an
agreement. I just hope Boris stand firm and do not give in to the EU.

If the UK and the EU impose tariffs 6 billion would go to
the EU from the UK and 16 Billion would come to the UK from the EU because of
the imbalance of trade so the UK win win win. You need to get educated….


John McCord says:

BoJo crazy like a fox……

Rob Val says:

Most of yesterday was spent hurling insults and provocations at each other. What a waste of time and OUR money this lot are. High time it was all swept away. They need to shape of, or the next referendum might not be about leaving the E.U.

Denis Nash says:

The supreme court did not say what length of prorogation would have been 'lawful'.
Four weeks, 3, 2, 1?
They might say it's not just the length but the purpose of prorogation that must be 'lawful'.
In the future, who will judge what is the true purpose and whether it is 'lawful'?
In the future, who will decide the 'lawful' length of prorogation? A judge?
In the future, shall we be governed by judges?
Judges have no empathy, sympathy, pragmatism or common sense.
Judges can see no further than their own personal concept of the law.
They are not competent for politics and they should stay well out of it.
They should withdraw their judgment on the prorogation.

Jay Lee says:

So good to see John Bercow again!

Amoroso Gombe says:

Lol. I love British politics. ?

Mikael Bengtsson says:

BoJo has to go

Philip Wingfield says:

The Conservatives are about winning Power

Philip Wingfield says:

Perfect parliament series 1. Government with no majority, 2. No plans for Brexit 3. Prime Minister breaking the law. Hosted by my favorite Speaker Bercow with stellar performances Jeremy Corbyn, Ian Blackford, Anna Soubry, Boris Johnson will keep us in chaos and suspension until Holloween

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