Is divisive language in Parliament polarising the Brexit debate? – BBC Newsnight

Is divisive language in Parliament polarising the Brexit debate? – BBC Newsnight

MPs have engaged in angry exchanges over the government’s unlawful decision to suspend Parliament – but where do the rowdy scenes and angry exchanges in the Commons leave us?

MPs have returned to work after the Supreme Court ruled that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks was unlawful. Boris Johnson told MPs the Supreme Court was “wrong” to make a judgement on a political matter.

Despite calls for the prime minister to moderate his language during the heated Commons debate, Boris Johnson refused despite criticism from MPs.

In the studio Emily Maitlis is joined by Conservative MP and leading Brexiteer Bernard Jenkin, the Lib Dem’s Layla Moran, Labour’s Barry Gardiner and the former Conservative MP Antoinette Sandbach.


SamOddy says:

TALK! TALK! TALK! I am sick of it!

reddan73 says:

Cant win by reason, use emotion

reddan73 says:


stuart Nicklin says:

But it was the labour party that brought up Jo Cox. Not Boris Johnson.

Jefferson Airplane says:

Imagine how successfully Brexit would have been if the bbc would have done their job and not have been so biased. The MPs have brought on them selves, he did not say humbug against the act of threats but against the the words in the statement that he never used. bbc wake up you are the problem?

Bladerunner Blues says:

BBC should be ashamed of them selfs, disgusting this program

kelly6739 says:

SO now parliament has turned into the X Factor, they all clapping and cheering after every speech .
That place has turned into a dogs dinner.

king j says:

It's a disgrace to the UK the way these Remainers are trying to mess up leaving the UK, What a load of rubbish the silly interviewer rabbits on about language you stupid cow obviously a remainer and a bitch , Stupidly keeps on its a shambles because of people like her what a twat she is, The UK voted to leave you fuckin idiots you lot talk crap we voted to leave no deal, Corbin is a Clown and programme like this crap is a wase of money.

littlebighorn says:

Some of the outrageous performances Friday m the labour benches were also disgusting behaviour. They acted like the communists they are. Time for Parliament to show some respect for democracy and honour the 2016 referendum result.

Joseph Hodgetts says:

If the Labour Party/ Lib Dem’s & other party’s honour the referendum that 17.4million people voted to leave instead of trying to stop Brexit the world would be a better place.

Elliot Faraday says:

"you must be ashamed of [Boris Johnson]"

"Well I think, as I say, everybody is"

Says it all really

Tony S says:

The more shambolic it gets …, and this continues for another month! Then civil war will commence.

Common Sense says:

The weaponisation of the murder of Jo Cox was terrible. It equates those who want Brexit to murderers , this isn’t true or fair. The use of the word traitor was terrible it equates those who voted remain as enemies of the UK.

Paul Isbell says:

The first lock is the transition period, which lasts until at least 2021. We must
hand over an estimated £39 billion for nothing, be bound by EU law and take
orders from an unelected Joint Committee operating under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. Will the EU27 agree an equitable free trade agreement before the end of 2020? Unlikely, since all the goodies they want in the “future partnership” are set out in the Northern Ireland backstop, which kicks in automatically on 1st January 2021 unless superseded by a
partnership” agreement. Full ratification by all Member States is required
before any such agreement can come into force. Achieving this in time to avoid
entering the backstop would be nothing short of miraculous, even if the EU
agrees to extend the transition period for one or two years. So it is more pay
with no say and a likely doubling of the Brexit bill to £80 billion, to be paid with
no reference to British MPs.Not only does the backstop carve out Northern Ireland a an EU province and set a border in the Irish Sea, it creates a partial “customs union" that requires us to implement EU trade tariffs and with no decision making powers.
Under highly restrictive “non-regression clauses”. the UK also agrees to
implement all EU emimnmental. competition, state aid and tax harmonisation laws, with the unelected Joint Committee and the ECJ once again able to punish us for any perceived backsliding. British farmers will be locked into a subsidy regime well below support received by EU27 farmers , who nevertheless
retain tariff-free access to the UK. British agriculture would be decimnted. It
means we could not support British businesses, give ourselves a competitive edge in new technologies where we excel. strike independent trade deals or diverge in key policy areas Such as good regulatory and tax Free EU access to UK fisheries to sit down as a marker for negotiation future “deal”
The Political Declaration replicates all the onerous “non-regression” clauses of
the backstop and requires even more surrender of sovereignty via participation in and funding of the EU’s aerospace and defence programmes, free access to UK waters for EU fishermen, a full customs union and common trade policy, free movement by the backdoor under “mobility” clauses, EU control of UK agriculture via the state aid rules and in general full adherence to the acquis communautaire in all policy areas.

son of anarchy says:

traiter is bad word, what about remainers facist, right wing etc

James Smith says:

Fcuk EU BBC.

dahouseis says:

Bernard Jenkin is a fucking joke with his crocodile tears….disgraceful… Truly disgraceful.

Lee Davis says:

Barry gardner is botching this up baz man

Andrew Foster says:

They (Labour) raised Jo Cox in the first place and now they are using it against Boris. This lot are playing with fire and I include the repulsive Emily in this who has clearly not learnt from the BBC ruling against her last week.

Caroline says:

We voted to leave and our Parliament and press are full of TRAITORS!

NASACrooks says:

To sort out brexit you need a referendum, not an election.
So. bring it on, fatso.

nick dufour says:

those aren't real torries they are brextremest fanatics

Toffee Crisp says:

I have been listening to inflammatory language on both sides for ages, I'm sick of our entire political establishment and I'm just about ready to see it torn down and replaced with something fit for purpose.

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