Brexit: why the pound is under pressure

Brexit: why the pound is under pressure

FT’s Katie Martin explains the weak pound is mainly down to no-deal Brexit worries and sterling’s two-year low against the dollar and euro will affect holidaymakers looking forward to trips abroad this summer.


david lamont says:

The pound has been falling gradually for the last 10 years yet the Polish Lithuanian and latvian economy's have gradually been growing it's nothing to do with brexit. But brexit will cure the slump in the pound by stopping cheap labour migrant workers coming here and sending their money out of the country building their own economy's yet devaluating ours BELIEVE IN BREXIT

Taint ABird says:

I hear Monopoly have announced that Sterling can be used on their popular board game.

Gerasim Gerasimov says:

I can’t get what’s the new information here. That looks like pointing something the everyone sees, Why?

Francesco Catalano says:

British don't play with F.I.R.E. acronyms for finance insurance and real estate

Plerp Plerp says:

The UK government can't even manage a trade deal with 27 other members of the EU after 3 years.

So how is it going to manage trading internationally with 164 members of the WTO?

Confident ignorance of the facts about the EU propagated by Brexit has caused  people to think they can  undertake  risky acts for which they do not have the skills, talent or know how.

Lack of self control and an obsession with it's own delusions of economic grandeur will be the UK's undoing.

Eusunt Dac says:

Breeeeexit! lol

Stirling Mogford says:

What a waste of 2 minutes. I need to make sure the FT doesn't show up in my suggested again.

dapper patto says:
how about watching some dirt on the Eu

Peter Wang says:

Trump openly like to attack European project why Brits fall for that and even Britain also sacrificed in the process.

SMEGY 89 says:

this pressure is being created by the EU and them effecting the market
we all know this and see this

Sayit AsItIs says:

Leaving the EU with No Deal is not crashing out. It is the opportunity of a lifetime to be free of all the nitpicking regulations, diktats and laws created by The Brussels Mafia PLUS we would no longer have to pay 15.5 billion (net) a year for something we can easily do ourselves – which is govern ourselves.

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