UK Election 2019: Brexit and the NHS dominate election campaign debate

UK Election 2019: Brexit and the NHS dominate election campaign debate

The Conservatives and Labour have been outlining their main pitch to voters. The Prime Minister Boris Johson in his first major speech of the campaign said a Conservative government would unite the country and “level up” the prospects for people with massive investment in health, better infrastructure, more police, and a green revolution. But he said the key issue to solve was Brexit. Meanwhile Labour vowed to outspend the Tories on the NHS in England.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has also faced questions over his position on allowing a second referendum on Scottish independence. Today at the start of a two-day tour of Scotland, he said wouldn’t allow one in the first term of a Labour government but later rowed back saying it wouldn’t be a priority in the early years.

Sophie Raworth presents tonight’s BBC News at Ten and unravels the day’s events with the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg, health editor Hugh Pym and Scotland editor Sarah Smith.


James Reynolds says:

What I don't like about Boris Johnson is that everything seems like a joke to him with a smirk on his face as though he's still doing HIGNFY or some other panel show… there's a hell of a lot more at stake now and he, and the tories have no concept or real grasp (nor will they ever have) of the lower classes and poverty!

John Nicolson says:

An Independent Scotland can leave Westminster to mess everything up.

Little Traveller says:

With millions of migrants from the EU and we have 33000 vacancies of nurses? Targeted recruitment like the country did in the 50’s and 60’s, not open borders and hope nurses turn up.
What was that screaming by the labour fans? Sounded like Arab women celebrating.

Paul says:

No one can argue or disagree the NHS has become stagnant, lack of investment and more hospitals upgrades to existing ones and more trained staff. Everyone quite rightly would feel a sense of outrage that patients are dying while in the very institutions and hospitals where otherwise, with the right resources would have survived.
Amidst all the rhetoric and false promises from the likes of Corbyn we can't escape from the fact that we as a nation are an ever increasing populace and with the lack of investment, the hospitals and emergency services in the whole are bursting at the seams. Given the increasing number of foreign nationals migrating to our shores for whatever reasons This is also having a serious impact on our services. To get our services back on an even keel all foreign nationals residing should be made to pay medical insurance rather than expect to get services for free when they wouldn't have got this type of service for free in their home country.

A Wiganer says:

Steptoe is an embarrassment.

A Wiganer says:

Steptoe is an embarrassment.

chello70 says:

Every single time this lunatic says..Get Brexit done, I get the cringe !!!

Azerty Qwerty says:

Boris will win

Thiwanka Sigera says:

Shit bbc ..always talk shit about sri lankan sinhalees ..did you see what happened to our country when tamil eelam brought war…tell us ..what happened to libiya..iraq and other muslim countries .. you are the reason …shit people ..dont throw rocks while you are in a glass house

Panarchy Ball says:

Can we get a debate between Piers Corbyn and Jo Johnson?

Death to the EU regime says:

And the consequences of a 4 day week?…. more workers from the EU ….what a surprise!

Shane Hartley says:

How can these clowns keep a straight face when they talk to people? His platform is to get out of Brexit? I'm from Canada didn't that happen four years ago. The opposition is promising a four day work week? Four ten hour days? Or are they just completely full of sheet. People are starting to wake up. I wonder what their escape plan is? I'm in shock hey still show a bit of news on BBC. Did you catch the Slaughter in Syria by ABC ground breaking stuff there.

SloopJohn B says:

I just don't understand the Scottish position. They want an Independence from Britain vote. Yet also want to be in the EU. That is a contradiction of terms! Join the EU and you are no longer independent. Europe is screwed it has too much debit ! From members that have no income to pay. Britain MUST get free of all ties with the awaiting economic disaster.

yf z says:

So thats the British democracy.?

Christine Morley says:

If you lot think Jeremy Corbyn can get us out brexit pfft fact chance Boris Johnson was so close to get us out but no Jeremy Corbyn wants to be against on it.

David S says:

I promise you the good people of this country we will leave the EU no later than 2048

Dr. Faith says:

Get free £1800 fibre broadband by voting labour this election !! You would be stupid not to !
Here is the maths : fbb, £30 a month, 12x£30=£360 per year, 5x£360=£1800 over 5 years !!!!!!

Lucas Lo says:

Vote Brexit party

Ron Preece says:

I guess a 4 day week would work I wonder if he only campaigns 4 days a week. It would be hypocritical if he worked more !

Hal 9000 says:

It's clear that the 1/3 of Americans who work & pay their taxes, can't possibly afford the added expenses of the government & remaining 2/3rds.
They also had 20 trillion reasons to elect a businessman who would expose why corruption & liberal ideas didn't work.

Joe Bloger says:

all uk news is bias from a cartell station

MSW 2015 says:

Change politics for good vote Brexit Party

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