Nigel Farage is 'the Father of Brexit'

Nigel Farage is 'the Father of Brexit'

Sky News host Rowan Dean has hailed Nigel Farage as “the greatest British political figure since Margaret Thatcher” after the Brexit party leader helped usher in the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.


Dain says:

LOVE Nigel Farage here in the USA! So happy he will campaign for Trump. I love listening to Nigel in all his speeches and interviews.

Tears in rain says:

Brilliant and accurate summation. God Bless Nigel.

83 Smith says:

The British will soon realise it was their own politicians betraying them, not the EU. They will have no one else to blame for continued mass immigration and neo liberal corporate economics.

SuperNick 207 says:

He is our hero. I haven't seen a debtor like this man.

Mebrat L. Abraha says:

Farage ?❤️❤️❤️? Trump & you did contribute a lots to the world too? your hard work is historical ????☕?❤️????? will become normal among people not sadness or hetrate.

junnu ravi kumar says:

I love Nigel Farage but I don't know that he had taken that stand during thatchers years.

if he was a tory back then he can get back into the tories again. as a populist figure and the Britain he wanted. he can lead in any councils and cabinet ranks to the tory govt.

Ralph van der Eb says:

if anybody ever truly deserved a knighthood then its Nigel. arise sir Nigel

Rod Simmons says:

Boris's / May's treaty will not be an end to Brexit. The anger, and frustration, and betrayal will fester in the minds of the UK population who voted to leave the European Union. Eventually, those feelings will come to a head and anarchy will rule. Does anyone believe that Germany would sign up to this treaty if they were leaving the European Union? No, of course not! And it's not just the parliamentarians who have deliberately gone against the demands of the referendum, the justice system has also shown itself to be corrupt. Even if by some miracle we do get no-deal / no treaty Brexit, the damage has been done, there is now no faith in the parliamentary and the judicial systems. Big changes will have to be made to ensure that we live in a true democracy.

Steve main says:

Farage is a hero ??????

Mad Cat says:

What a strategist Nigel is. The West is feeling like a better place when taking down the left

Brian Mosse says:

Hear,hear. when Nigel says the EU president looks like a low-grade bank clerk and comes from a non-country, he will have the support of honest people.

chris r says:

I think Nigel is as important to Britain now as Churchill was back then . The man has saved the country .

Grand Miser The 3rd says:

Love it Sky News Australia , this is how it should be done BBC

debbie kumar says:

Thankyou im so happy our nigel
Has had some recognition hes a top bloke and america will be lucky to have him campaigning for them

Rod Simmons says:

I'm disappointed that the Brexit Party didn't win any seats. I think that came down to tactical voting. However, the Brexit Party have had a very strong, positive influence, in support of 17.4 million people who voted to leave the European Union. Well done Brexit Party!!! Let's hope Boris will set the United Kingdom free from the EU's influence and laws. We voted to LEAVE the European Union AND the Singles Market. Clean break Brexit please Boris!

niceoppapy says:

Nigel the people’s Hero

Tony Hind says:

He will always be Sir Nigel to me.

Dane 1233 says:

is sky in Australia right wing news channel because sky in uk left leaning

Shaun Hewitt says:

Nigel you are MR BREXIT .

TheConversation says:

Best thing about Brexit is that all those nurses unemployed because of NHS empolying to many immigrants can now work in the NHS. So happy for UK ??

evelyne féron says:

congratulations to Monsieur FARAGE, well done, you are a great man …And give a lesson to MACRON, he has no say to the BREXIT., he must mind his own business in FRANCE….

Shamaun Minhas says:

He is the father of brexit

Doc Morridge says:

Nigel works better in the wings.
Nothing but respect for the man

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