The Brexit election explained: where do we go from here?

The Brexit election explained: where do we go from here?

‘Let the healing begin’ Boris Johnson declared today, in a victory speech on the steps of Number 10 aimed at bringing a fractured country back together.

He insisted the focus would be on the NHS.

But his landslide victory puts Brexit right back on the immediate agenda – the Withdrawal Bill likely to go before MPs next week.

And it will put Scottish independence front and centre too – thanks to a resurgent SNP.

As for Labour – with their worst result since the thirties, the political recriminations begin – and the search for a new leader.


aklv023 lv says:

Rigged bullshit

Tintin says:

England has gone completely mad.
Poor devils have no clue what they've done – defrauded by the con promise of "getting rid of the foreigners".
Once sold by binding treaty to American corporations the NHS will only be a name, work standards and rights fought for gone.
Scotland has no choice but to leave this dangerous toxic country.
And the Scots will not be denied.
We are not Catalonia.

Tech10K says:

You'd think Channel 4's entire audio output for the next week would sound like a US Emergency broadcast;

jaber-hotdog says:

“All seats declard” ? 1:22

Dan Slominski says:

a more honest media would be nice

Nicholas Pearce says:

It’s funny how it’s always the leftist losers who go out and start marching and kicking off when they lose, they do the same in every western country.

Mahmood Usman says:

FREEDOM for Scotland and UNIFICATION for Ireland!

sabaxalnur says:

Why Labour party has failled??
Because there was NO clear and explicit standpoint.
The labour party did Not say neither it is against the Brexit nor it supports, so it ends up in no man's position!! there are were very people who were between leave and remain.

Remember, 48% of the population has voted for remain. There two major voters,remain and leave. The labour party failled to take the vote of 48% remain voters.
There were actually small party thas has clearly used the word "stop berexit" but this party was very small and could not win for the ellection that is why people did not vote for it.
In the same situation the Brexit party did get any thing why because it could not get the majority to win.
The two major parties were conservatives and labour.

lawrence mckenzie says:

Channel 4 should be part of the big clean out

Adam Falconer says:

British people are sick of mass immigration and want a hard Brexit. Labour doubles down on identity politics and refuses to back Brexit, then they're surprised they lost.

cc c says:

B-b-b-but we called them Gammon…why didn't they vote for us?

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