Jump in pound after poll close reflects ‘new confidence’ in Britain

Jump in pound after poll close reflects ‘new confidence’ in Britain

Sky News Business Editor Ticky Fullerton says the jump in the British pound immediately after polls closed for the United Kingdom election today reflects a “new confidence” in Britain.


LohnS says:

I never should have doubted the OG England 🙂 Well done I feel vindicated.

Scott Fisher says:

Liberal Democrats revoke of the democracy people vote and labour remain or remain 2nd referendum there was only going to be one big winner, the conservatives who were still willing to leave, uk nationals want a free trade agreement with the EU and nothing more so the treaty must go if conservatives want to keep there voters.

High Pressure says:

Now start deporting the enemy within.

Ralph Williams says:

Nic shot of the Mrs there bojo she's lovely lol

Elaine Stewart says:

Its a fragile victory! Unless boring logic is applied to open Borders immigration, by all Western nations, the genie will not get back in the bottle. This is the last thrash of The Britain we know and love, and The America we love and respect. You cannot have endless immigration, native population replacement, by Asians and Muslims and expect the status quo to be maintained. ITS LOGIC! It has nothing to do with racism its just a big fat inconvenient truth! We white people do not want our homelands taken from us! Huge weight of responsibility on Boris's shoulders. Last chance for Britain to get its act together!Before the third world numbers rumble destroys The West forever! Along with its identity and culture!

Save the Bees Plant Trees says:

I live in UK and voted Brexit and for Boris. Boris reminds me so much of Churchill who was dearly loved and respected despite what happened to him after the War. We've hated Labour for the past 3.5 years. I actually voted for Labour last election but definitely refused to this time. We have put our trust in a strong leader and we wanted our country back ! Go Boris ! Go Britain !

ImJeremybear says:

Seasons greetings to Anna Soubry. Thanking you for making this a truly wonderful Christmas!

Tony truth says:

What we need to understand that we have been given knowledge but we must accept the knowledge that knowledge on this circumstances is all the -ones were not hundred percent human they look human they sound human but they are not hundred percent human we have been shown the -ones are the enemy Forgive my explanation let’s just say I have a disability

jimmy s says:

The surge in the pound proves that it was the remainers who were crippling our economy all along, these halfwitted heathens need to be slapped down at every chance, they are well and truly beaten this time, they are undemocratic anti british idiots, good riddance, i rejoice in there demise.

Mick Purcell says:

The remainers not laughing now?????bye bye labour,bye bye lib Dems collect your p45s on way out, going to be a sweet brexit Christmas

Mitch Lockheed says:

bruh, what a bubble of a comment section

John Briggs says:

https://youtu.be/th6av5Wa7Dg BBC gets illegal migrant to promote more migration, to spite opinion polls constantly against more migration. https://youtu.be/EFvrdXKXfK0 More & more people are joining #ForBritain the only real alternative to the three mainstream political parties. AMW #ForBritain without doubt the most commonsense leader bar none, with a commonsense manifesto. Take back control of your economy & country by Joining & voting for AMW #ForBritain https://www.forbritain.uk/

Rend says:

Fuck the EU and fuck the UN and fuck globalism so hard it hurts! Yay for Britain!

chipper473 says:

Get it done! Well done Brits.

Gef Parx says:

Carney on the phone consoling Corbyn ??? .

david nichols says:

I don't care about the economy, I just love watching "diversity"-mongers squirm!

wantafanta01 says:

lol i remember people saying there was gonna be troubles with having enough food if they did brexit.. honestly they coulda done a clean break..

david nichols says:

Come on, U.K.!

Trina Edwards says:

the same happend here in Australia i have been a life long voter for laubr but no more . its the first time for me to vote the opositon it felt funny doing it but i did it and labur were so markest and woke

john snow says:

Globalism, woke ideology, culture Marxism, and the trojan horse of diversity must now be destroyed!

RepentUK LondonWatchman137 says:


Glory To GOD

Paul KC says:

Thank God, sanity at last.

twothirty says:

Smug right wing twats worldwide celebrate , pound goes up slightly for short period , sky news is the epitome of shit , and that’s the news goodnight

Alex O says:

Don't forget it was Nigel Farage who made it all possible! The real man of the hour

Spivze Spivatron says:

Im thinking big business and the establishment and bankers and Corbyn and Boris are behind the biggest scam this country has ever known .the pounds rocketing …just a thought

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