Brexit Party comes out on top in EU elections – ahead of Labour and Conservatives

Brexit Party comes out on top in EU elections – ahead of Labour and Conservatives

It was one of the most remarkable elections the UK has ever seen, with both Labour and Tories suffering historically abysmal results.


Paul Peart-Smith says:

Is this a surprise? it was a Euro election?! of course Brexit was the focus ?

Abu al-Sous says:

#PopularNationalism is nothing but extension of #fascism..same tactics to gain and retain power.. i called the #NeoFascism
Sadly… they are praying on people's fears … using national and religious extremely effective political tool
i feel as if we're in the 1930s?

Mark Paul says:

In 1948 George Orwell wrote that mainstream news would be like this in 1984….”ignorance is strength.”

Neil Copeland says:

not down to Corbyn to get a refferedum on a deal ,its the tories who hold office ,Corbyn talks like he thinks hes PM now ,and if there was a ge it be Brexit party along with whats left of the tory party to form a collition in office and iam totally convinced this is what will happen if there was a GE tomorrow

baz norman says:

Lib Dems frothing at a come back by a democratic vote, wanting to stop a democratic vote

bijoy roy says:

Hahaha, trying to scrap all the rubble together and change the narrative. Amazing ?

starcon2001 says:

I see that Lib Dem boss is weak minded ======== stumbling in words — and possibly mind — damn it ==== he had better put the work needed in

rutger5000 says:

So do you Brits have the worst media out there, or is there some place where it's even worse?

tony King says:

Massive majority for the remain vote. Bye bye brexit.

John Quinn says:

Trick and treat Halloween !

John Quinn says:

Second referendum is on but tell the people the consequences of not having one

CRED Designmatters says:

37.10 As long as China and India are building new fossil fuel power plants, what's the point?

Neil Copeland says:

2nd refferedum cannot be forced unless the tories agree ,labour assholes,i just fed up these undemocratic politicians in parliament and the remoaners too ,fed up with them ,they lost the refferedum,lets put it like this ,in a GE MPs are voted into parliament through a democratic process that everybody agrees with for decades ,first past the post wins whether they win by 1000 votes or 1 vote and everybody accepts that,so ,why cannot in the refferedum when we all knew its first past the post wins remoaners cannot accept this because its exactly the same process but undemocratic remoaners and MPs will not accept the same process as it is in the GE because they are bad loosers ,yet if the remain won the refferedum there would never of been this urest by the leavers because we are civilised and accept results that don't go our way ,remoaners are simp,ly bad pathetic undemocratic loosers,PERIOD

John Lawrence says:

We’re not “crashing out” of anything ….. yawn…..

Simon West says:

My milkshakes bring all the boys to Farage.

Cristian Georgescu says:

it is funny how people rejoice upon an impending disaster, how fuked up our species is …. Vaya Con Dios UK.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster says:

Anyone who voted for Farage-no policies, no manifesto, no principles-is a moron.

Neil Copeland says:

as for the media response to these elections ,as usual the total bias by the UK mainstream news as usual so much bias bias bias ,if its not the BBC backing this bias ,its channel 4 ,if its not channel 4 its ITV and if its not ITV is SKY, all total establishment backed broadcasters

zenileon says:

Channel 4 is very pro-European – take a look at the unflattering photo they have used for this thumbnail. They do this sort of thing they do in the British media: photographing people they don't like in unflattering poses. Here you can see Nigel Farage with his mouth wide open like a village idiot. They did the same thing with Gordon Brown and other characters that they want to subtly demolish. Showing them with eyes bulging or with wincing grimacing smiles. It really is very low.

Habib Halal says:

the best symbol for Brexit that could ever exist is a guy in a punisher shirt talking about British politics

Neil Copeland says:

green party were voted for there stance on remain and the climate change argument ,but lets face it climate change is a myth a lie ,climate change has been happening since year zip ,ozone levels coming and going throught the existence of this planet,and the resent protests in London and with schools putting on protests using kids to get to voters has been a secret agenda put on by the establishment because of these elections as the establishment knew labour and tories were going to get hammered in these elections so these green protesters were done and set up by the establishment and taticaly to get votes for the remain green party and the liberals are just liberalsand are just a party when things are going bad for the 2 main partys people go to vote for them as a third option but quickly get forgotten when things get better for the 2 main partys ,basically liberal party is the orthentic protest vote ,so ,that's whats happened last week ,now the Brexit party has been backed by over 100,000 voters payed 25 quid or more now that is why this is not a protest vote this is a vote that is here to stay and will get bigger ,and vince and alister campbel and there partys are totally undemocratic and its not a matter of counting these remain partys added up that's like infant children learning maths,very childish behaviour by vince and chums,but if they want to look at it that way ,it is like what nigel says ,ukip with Brexit and conservatives and if labour declares itselves as a a remain party then Corbyn will loose at least 5 million voters for sure so I think if we look at it that way then the leavers will get 62% of the vote and remain 38% ,so chew that one remainer or I mean remoaners and channel 4 says wales is now a remain country ,that's complete BS Brexit got mosts percentage of the vote even more than the welsh national party and I believe a lot that wesh vote a lot of them are leave voters too ,we will get Brexit a WTO if not through parliamemt but through default on 31 October because now the next tory lerader will not ask for an extension for sure,so go for it remoaners your just bad loosers and so undemocratic

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