European elections 2019: What next for Brexit? – BBC Newsnight

European elections 2019: What next for Brexit? – BBC Newsnight

The Brexit Party was the clear winner in the UK’s European elections, with the pro-EU Liberal Democrats coming second.



Corbyn if you turn on Brexit, you've been slapped by Blair. Everytime I mention to you're support base Blair, they tell me Blair is fake Labour and call him Tory.

klemthegem says:

BBC still in denial, the British People voted again to leave the EU, we never voted for a deal, just leave, did you get that, LEAVE NOW, NO DEAL.

Kolila Gephart says:

BBC  bias shows more now  because  they know their time is coming to a end. People will stop paying license , budgets will be cut and they will be sold off.

sun dial says:

LEAVE EU NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

wujidao says:

Rory Stewart is "lukewarm".

Huples Cat EPL says:

Most voters are so sickened by UK politics they declined to vote. As they are the majority none of the results are valid in a democracy

Spamwise Gamer says:

How's this for a prediction Brexit party win general election supported by conservatives.

Amar alkhair says:

Please don't hide anything say the truth

jack jones says:

Unbelievable these two still dont understand

St Michael says:

That is fine make your new deal….make it without customs union, single market, and free movement. Make your deal and leave those things Out! That is the deal. As soon as it sounds like a customs union or anything close to that then, NO Deal!!!

electro1622 says:

The English should start a "yellow vest" type of movement to get brexit… they had a referendum and it said they want to leave so get on with it…

gary proffitt says:

Silly willy man ~ Sedal Farage & Fruit Punch Putin ☝?

St Michael says:

Your trying to change the narrative! Remain lost and BREXIT won in 2016. It does not matter if you want to stay or remain at this time!!

Milton77 says:

Amazing! With the Conservatives fumbling about for years now, tripping over each other to show who’s the biggest moron, it’s gits like this that have you wondering which party is the more inept. Quite a feat!

Gunzee says:

Am I utterly stupid or really confused?
What on earth is this leave or remain?
We voted to leave, what feels like a decade ago. Why is this even being asked/displayed.
Look I'll be honest I have no idea what's going on. Can someone fill me in, why are we treated as if we're unable to decide? Why was there a referendum? If we're to stupid to decide or not vote as needed then what was the point?

tony King says:

Lib+Green+ChangeUK outvoted Brexit+UKIP . Not even counting SNP and Plaid . That's an overwhelming majority for stay . Respect the "Will of the people ( 2019) " and stop Brexit now or if your man enough hold a second referendum .

Neil Proctor says:

Do it Donald – release it all! All this theatre is getting on my nerves! Clear your swamp, clear our swamp! Do it Donald!

Paula k says:

Omg.. msm spin dish brexit party…but we aint going anywhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stuff your no deal… democracy has spoken u idiots . Start listening !!!!!!!!

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