Gutfeld on Trump’s visit to the UK and Brexit

Gutfeld on Trump’s visit to the UK and Brexit

Our media and their European clones are always wrong about the big things. #TheFive #FoxNews

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Jojo Lav says:

S. T. F. U. Rufus. Juan!!!

Ben Dover says:

So glad to see trump troll scumbag khan! I am from England. It’s nice to see our media get recognition for the fake left wing pandering news it is. Remember we have to pay for the “impartial news” over here…?!

Know that it’s only the weird left wing hub in London. Trump is loved all over the UK, and London is lost. It’s called Londonistan for a reason…

arielapp says:

Teresa May don't have a problem with brexit anymore, now that she quit.

Fabiola Alba says:

I don’t watch this show because of stupid Juan W. Everything is stunning and yes, they’ve roll the carpet for him.
The Queen is wonderful and she looks so happy to be with our stunning First Lady and great president. ????❤️????❤️????❤️

mark rottjakob says:

Put on the Queen's hat and you would look like the Mad Hatter!

I'm On Time says:

The Brits let them take their guns. I don't trust them anymore.

mark rottjakob says:

Trump is awesome!

ddowns24 says:

Anyone who's traveled to the UK (or anywhere in Europe) knows that CNN International and (maybe) BBC is your only international news option. Imagine what these sad saps must think of our Country, when that's the only perspective they see. They think that the Country is full of Juan's, and that we're currently under the Trump siege… …And Trump was obviously referring to "nasty" comments, NOT the skanky attention seeking Duchess.

mark rottjakob says:

Our first lady looks great! Totally classy.

Sarah says:

Happy Birthday Mr. President ??

Martin McIntosh says:

Juan, regarding etiquette, " We SHOULDN'T know"… laughed out loud, caught me off guard – right-on-the-money! Juan, from day to day, I don't know if I love you or not! You absolutely caught the truth! Thanks!

Ay Blinkin says:

Could someone just punch Juan "Fidel Castro" in the head and be done with it? Good God is he stupid!


There are no socialcrats left that can tell the truth and have a valid or somewhat intelligent conversation. Resist and lie is their mantra.

Peter Greco says:

Juan is a stupid prick

John Thomas says:

Juan Williams is a 'total loser'!

Nathan Stark says:

Charles looks like he’s going to die of old age before the queen will.

Steve Ellis says:

The Donald is well liked outside London. He’s a breath of fresh air. Four more years.

Larry Hernandez says:

Trump Rocks . . . Stay Frosty All .

Today is the Day Video says:

Im so glad Fox News buts a Dem on the board!

Deplorable Vet says:

Bangers and Mash, still have a higher I.Q. than juan.


5:12 The moment Dana had had enough. Ouch.

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