Hunt admits no-deal Brexit is ‘scary’

Hunt admits no-deal Brexit is ‘scary’

Jeremy Hunt has admitted that a no deal Brexit would be “very scary” for many people and that reaching a new agreement with the European Union would be “challenging” in a live Sky News interview with Kay Burley.


Gabbe Gubbe says:

Brexit means Brexit ???

Scott Justice says:

Going to war is scary. Leaving a trading bloc is not.

Moses Serukwaya says:

My hunch is that we need someone with a self made entrepreneurial background experience who could bring the intuation, improvisation and vision to the limited options left to the British economy in case of a nasty no deal Brexit

Sally Cress says:

ENGLAND POLITICIANS stop being Blackmailed, walk away from EU already!

populist revolt says:

We voted for no deal and we want no deal delivered NOW!


Remoaners need not apply

First Last says:

The signs of a failed society. Frozen by incompetence.

Q & A says:

No no no. Hunt as PM is scary.

Q & A says:

No no no. Hunt as PM is scary.

dave009ish says:

Losing our democracy to politicians that want a dictatorship is scary.

MaybDefinitely says:

Brexit now!!!

Ryan Martinez says:

Hunt would never pull the trigger on a no deal. He will extend continuously until there’s another election, which he would lose

t 1 01 says:

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cristina lexy says:

Scary torys conservative government: they created Brexi

Kevon Thomas says:

Boris looks like a crack-head. Very disfunctional looking old man.??

Alexis Sayegh says:

Do u trust Hunt ?:)

Kevon Thomas says:

Only losers dont get a deal. Bunch of losers.??

Youtube Is Shite Really Shite says:

Nuke westminster its the only way were getting brexit,

Robert Keating says:

Deliver the referendum it's that easy, deliver what people voted on

Nick Webb says:

I don't think A NO-DEAL brexit is scary ..I THINK it's the MP's in parliament which will be left in charge AFTER A NO-DEAL that WORRY's ME ..!!

vegtheman says:

Brexit will never happen

Samuel Olaogun says:

Both are confused like Brexiteers which ready to divide their union and killed their economy.

ab ba says:

Ok Jeremy didn't go around and around to answer questions. Like what Boris do often.

Jeremy reconfirmed the tact that a no deal is not as what some brexiters extremists claim to be as a no problem.

He reconfirmed a no deal will be ba Also it could become a way to a general election.

He will try to get some positive something from the EU to avoid a no deal and to pass the last negotiated deal through parliament.

The EU will more likely offer something to Jeremy but not to Boris as he already showed disrespect for the EU and balckmailing them with the refusal to no g pay what the UK should pay them.

The British and all those people in the UK surely want to have a better life and end to the crisis and the uncertainties which caused so much pain.

Jeremy could possibly Brexit with some extra compromises just about the Irish borders issues in Government negotiated deal. Chance to pass 55 % . Than a no deal will be 45%.
If the additional compromises to the Government negotiated deal are including a permanent customs union…than chance to leave the EU with a deal is 75 % and 25% a no deal Brexit.

For Boris leaving the EU with a deal is 50% and no deal is also 50%
The EU will probably just talk to Boris and no more than that . They will just let the mess get worse and an other Government in months time will replace the Tories. A no deal will cause this.

One thing everyone should remembere.
The UK could leave the EU. But rejoining one day is possible. No one could stop it from rejoining at some point with a totally New fresh referendum.

An other fresh referendum could happen months or years after the UK leaves. There is no time limit when to reapply to rejoin the EU.

Kevin Wellwrought says:

No deal brexit = suicide for UK. Neither Johnson nor Hunt is that stupid to go for no deal brexit.

Spencer Guillen says:

May 2???

Samara Weaving says:

And so is the corrupt and racist Tory Party as a whole.


jimw says:

It is not scary for a multi millionaire like him. It won't affect him just the plebs. Nobody talking of brexit benefits now ?

Wiyt says:

Like come on, get a life and let people have a discussion.

Tim g star says:

A no deal is the best future for the UK . he's a remainer

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