John Bercow on Brexit: ‘A second referendum is possible’

John Bercow on Brexit: ‘A second referendum is possible’

In an interview with FRANCE 24, John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, shared his thoughts on the political turmoil caused by Brexit, as well as the possibility of a second referendum. Bercow also explained how he has modernised daily life at the British parliament since becoming Speaker and gave us his list of the most impactful British politicians over the centuries.


gina george-taylor says:

Bercow you lie about a second referendum

Chad Schofield says:

The man isn't our king or emperor and yet has and is using his position to manipulate the situation. He is meant to ensure process is followed rather than dig out every obstruction he can find to meet his own political will.

grimm reaper says:

brits show the world what DEMOCRACY is.

Mark 12 says:

A 2nd referendum is possible, anything is possible, but I don't see how MPs could bring it about. A motion for a 2nd referendum was put before the House and it was defeated.

Sean G says:

The second referendum was on 23rd June 2016. 1 (1975) + 1 (2016) = 2

Thomas K says:

Russia will change the face of all Brexiteers! ?

ewd76 says:

He's Jewish? Oh dear, I can't think he's very popular with Labour.

ewd76 says:

I bet there are a lot of MP's that are glad it was a secret ballot.

1948nodrog says:

Just imagine, a couple of hundred years ago this scumbag would have been put to the sword.It's a shame how the UK has gone backwards since then. Enjoy GILEAD while you can.

P A says:

Bercow is a betrayer of the UK people who democratically voted to LEAVE. He does not have the power or mandate to undermine, sabotage and manipulate. Impartial??? He should be removed!

Emiliano Zapata says:

You should rename it to drowning street

588158 says:

you don't keep doing referendums until it comes out the way you want!

dvsamsmith says:

his days are numbered!!!!!!!!

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