What Boris Johnson Doesn’t Understand About Brexit – Brexit Explained

What Boris Johnson Doesn’t Understand About Brexit – Brexit Explained

In a recent interview, Boris Johnson admitted to not understanding GATT Article 24 Paragraph 5(c). Now that sounds very very niche, but it’s actually fundamental to his Brexit plan. In this video, we explain what it is that Johnson doesn’t understand and what this means for him and his plan.


Vincent Oliver photo-i says:

In the 1960's we had a strong campaign called "I'm Backing Britain" wouldn't it be nice if we could cut out all this negativity and have some confidence in our nation. Instead of the continuous arm chair critics knocking the guys who are trying to sort out the mess. Maybe Boris is not the ideal choice for many, but there isn't much choice. So have your laughs and send your small minded comments, but at the end of the day we all have to pull together and make things work.

RyanGMZ says:

Woo 19 on trending

live let liv says:

You are bias from the outset before your bias intro clip Johnson said that they have to mutually agree terms and then apply paragraph 5c so as an independent reporter you are 1 not looking at it indopendantly and 2 not trying to bring any ballence in your reporting. I like Andrew Neil but he was like you not listening at all and just wanted to trip up with his point being the focus despite Boris Johnson already answering the question before the question was asked. NOW GO AND PLAY IT BACK JUST SECONDS BEFORE BORIS JOHNSON MEANTIONED 5B HE SAID IT HAD TO BE MUTUALLY AGREED.

Simon Jones says:

This is exactly why his sister said he was not a 'details' man.

Hlafordlaes says:

Amazing how UK politicians and public keep on dreaming about impossible, impracticable scenarios. There will inevitably, irrevocably be a closed customs border between Ireland and NI, or between NI and the UK. Forget all other considerations; this has no alternative solutions other than membership in the Common Market at least, and to have a voice and vote, the EU. This white nationalist movement, Brexit, is all about mythology and racist hagiography, and absolutely nothing about "sovereignty."

Stevie Manion says:

This video calls Boris out for the fool he is. However.

I would argue you are biased. And probably anti Brexit. Although not actively call for Brexit to be stopped. The wording you use for some thing does show a perceived anti Brexit stance. For example, what the hell is "insert name" plan for Brexit.

And you seem to focus too much on one issue. Can we discuss the failure that HS2 will be. Or the issues that expanding Heathrow will bring for the area or the country. Could we discuss the differential expenditure between North and south. Leadership contests of the Tories, Lib Dems, or regional parties such as the Yorkshire Party. Gun crime, knife crime, police cuts, possible cuts to the armed forces, anything. 99% just seems to be Brexit.

I do like alot of your content and the especially the graphics. But you are TLDR News UK. So could you possibly cover more issues.

Darkwintre says:

No it's clear he hasn't properly researched this.
You aren't biased the BBC however…
Better to know than find out too late!

David C Witkin says:

Jeremy Hunt vs Boris Johnson is like Bambi vs Godzilla

Carlos Quiroz says:

God damn, the US desperately needs reporters like the guy interviewing Johnson.

SimplePerson says:

Loool! The ship is sinking and this clown was the best captain they could find? ???

Seeker 57 says:

Boris Johnson believes 'as I think it, so it shall be'. He is probably a fully paid up member of the 'self delusion' society.

Beretta249 says:

It's almost like Brexiteers are variously stooges, morons, or con men.

Y'know, Tories.

Pincer88 says:

"There's something rotten in Britain." Shakespeare had it all wrong.

ancietman says:

But didn't our MPs authorise no deal when nearly 500 MPs voted to trigger Article 50 a deal in two years or we leave with no deal. The time to question no deal was at the time of voting not trying to block it after they gave it the green light it makes Britain look stupid around the world.

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